THE SCENE  I am a lot of things, but two things I certainly am not are a beer drinker and a vegan. I often wish I could be both! Life – especially concerts, dive bars, festivals and my alcohol budget – would be so much easier if I loved beer. While I can find merit in a porter or stout redolent of chocolate, coffee or caramel, or in a fruity light beer like Papago Orange Blossom, I’d always rather skip the brew in favor...

Thanks to a slew of new and established plant-based eateries, the Valley is quickly becoming a burgeoning hub for vegan and vegetarian fare. Whether you’re a veteran vegan or just looking for a meat-free meal, here are a few of our fave local dining establishments that avoid animal products. 24 Carrots Daily specials and a cozy, coffee shop vibe make this vegan café a regular destination on our rotating list of Valley eateries. Billed as...

Beaut Burger exterior | Photo by Nikki Buchanan   Everyone gets a hankering for a burger now and then — even vegetarians and vegans — which is the beauty of Beaut Burger, a Tucson-based vegan burger joint so successful that it’s recently opened a second location here in Phoenix. Housed in a crisp-looking refurbished shipping container on Indian School just east of 32nd Street, BB makes almost all of its fresh, plant-based food in-house —...

Soup prep. Photo by Constance Bradley.
Now that fall is officially underway, it’s time to drag out your trusty stockpot to make some soul-satisfying soups and stews. Constance Bradley of Scottsdale Integrative Acupuncture shares a vegetarian soup recipe that will warm you during the chilly days (one can hope) and nights of autumn and winter.

According to Bradley, who is trained in Chinese nutritional therapy, soup is a good way to nourish the body and warm up the digestive system. “I was raised to think that there’s nothing better for you than a big, cold, raw salad and a big, cold smoothie, but in Chinese theory, cold foods impair digestion,” she says.

If you’ve never heard of kabocha squash, you’re not alone. It’s also known as Japanese squash and is available at most local grocery stores. “Kabocha is unique because you can eat the skin, so you don’t have to peel it,” Bradley says. “You scoop out the seeds and cook as is, throw in the blender and you have a nice soup within about 30 minutes.”

To raise awareness and funds during September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Chompie’s is partnering with Singleton Moms, an Arizona-based nonprofit organization that supports single-parent families affected by cancer.

During September, Chompie’s will donate $1 to Singleton Moms from each entrée ordered from the deli’s special three-item menu, which includes Josh’s Whole Grain French Toast, Classic Grandpa Ruby’s Reuben and the Fitness Omelet.

Animal protein ain’t the only way to get your gains, bro.

At least, according to a recent study in the journal “Nutrients” from Arizona State University. The researchers tracked the diets of vegetarian and omnivore endurance athletes for a week then had them complete a series of fitness tests. The findings? Both categories of athletes performed at basically the same level and had very similar body compositions.