Local Salad Greens

Marilyn HawkesMay 16, 2019
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The sad reality in our drive-thru world: Eating healthy is often quite time-consuming. Which is why Valley-based BAMBOX (Better Agricultural Methods) now delivers nutritionally packed microgreens straight to your door. At the company’s Tempe indoor farm, BAMBOX employees grow microgreens so nutrient-dense they can take the place of supplements or multivitamins, says co-owner Nathan Knight. Each of the BAMBOX’s seven salads targets different nutritional needs. For example, “The Chronic,” loaded with mizuna and scarlet kale, helps combat chronic disease and inflammation; while “The Regulator,” with purple basil and arugula, aids hormone regulation and balances mood and energy levels. All greens are pesticide-free, non-GMO, organic, sustainable and harvested weekly to ensure freshness. The indoor hydroponic farming method uses 95 percent less water than outdoor farming, with a negligible carbon footprint, Knight says, and delivers a more supple mouthfeel.

BAMBOX is available on a weekly membership basis, with a five-pack of microgreens starting at $25 per week ($28 with house-made dressing). You can arrange to pick up your weekly haul at farmers’ markets across the Valley or BAMBOX will deliver to your home or office. “Try it for a month and then take a week off,” Knight says. “You can feel a tangible difference.”


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