2023 Readers’ Photo Contest: Magic Hour in Arizona

Send us your finest Magic Hour Arizona photos for a chance to be published in the September/October issue.

Sunny Side Up

Blessed with the city’s best views but some of its shabbiest streets, Sunnyslope has long flown under the in-crowd radar. Is the quirky North-Central enclave finally ready for its close-up?

Staycation Guide 2023

After an unseasonably chilly spring, scorching temps are returning to the Valley. Cool off this summer with dynamite deals at Valley resorts.

High-Country Arizona

For Phoenicians, in fact, it’s a prized commodity, something we aspire to after a long, triple-digit workweek. Fleeing the city for the cool, rarefied air of the high country, our mood rises right along with those green ADOT “Elevation” highway signs that whiz by. From fly fishing in the White Mountains to glamping near the GC, this 11-trip tribute to highness is your escape plan.

Running on Empty

Breathlessly heralded by The New York Times as “the worst-case scenario of drought,” Rio Verde Foothills is something much more banal – a tale of taxes, turf and reckless development in the classic Arizona tradition.

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