Roasted Carrot Tacos

Marilyn HawkesMay 17, 2019
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By now, Valley veggie lovers have sampled their fair share of plant-based tacos around town, from the instantly forgettable to the totally indelible. If you’re ready to make some daydream-worthy memories, try the roasted heirloom carrot tacos ($14 for three; $4 each on Taco Tuesday) at Saguaro Scottsdale’s La Señora.

Executive chef Cesar Vasquez roasts orange and yellow baby carrots in olive oil just long enough to give the root vegetables a firm but yielding texture and bring out their natural sweetness. Using a nifty recessed plate designed to retain warmth, Vasquez starts with pliable house-made corn tortillas slathered with chef-crafted requesón, a spreadable ricotta-like cheese made with whole milk, lime juice and salt. Next, he adds the roasted heirloom carrots tossed in a spicy Mexican chile de árbol sauce. Vasquez dusts the tacos with cotija cheese and garnishes the hand-held delights with toasted black and white sesame seeds and chopped carrot greens to add a crunchy, earthy element.

Vasquez urges even carrot-haters to try the unusual tacos. “The taste is subtle, and the carrots are very tender,” he says. “Usually when people try them for the first time they say, ‘This has changed my life forever.’”

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