June 2018

Recipe Friday: Social Hall Cubano Sandwich


If you’re getting ready for your 4th of July bash and just can’t face tending the barbecue in 105-degree heat, executive chef Jason Diaz of Social Hall offers an alternative. Instead of barbecue grub, try making Cubano sandwiches with house-made pickles.

Friday Flicks: Road Trip Edition

Some cinematic roads-less-traveled for this weekend.

Beat the Summer Heat with These Cool New Cocktails

What’s your favorite summer pastime? For lots of people, maybe yourself included, the answer is doing absolutely nothing with a refreshing drink in hand. Let’s be honest though, another bloody mary or a simple margarita just isn’t going to cut it this time around. Solution? Grab your drinking buddies and check out the new summertime cocktails debuting at restaurants across the Valley. With the 4th of July right around the corner and the pool calling your name, now is a perfect time to sip something new. Check out the list below to see our summer cocktail highlights.

6 Philanthropic Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

Already feeling bored this summer? As residents of a hellish Arizonan heat, most of our summer-boredom-busting ideas deal with avoiding the sun at all costs: museum-hopping, water park visits and road trips. But, these ideas can grow old. Luckily, all over Phoenix, various organizations are holding summer donation drives for members of our community in need. Why not spend some time this summer looking through drawers, towers of garage boxes, stuffed-beyond-capacity closets and hidden sheds, or even to visit the store to find something to donate? Get to rummaging and check out these philanthropic opportunities around the Valley.

A Patriotic Playlist for Your 4th of July Party

This Wednesday marks America’s biggest annual national party, and one of the ways we’ve always celebrated is with music. Here are some song choices that will freshen up your cookout or fireworks-viewing playlist, while still giving you that love-of-country tingle.

Recipe Friday: Sauce Watermelon and Arugula Salad

If you’re a watermelon lover, your season has finally arrived! Grocery stores and farmers’ markets are stocked with ripe, juicy watermelons just waiting to be cracked open and enjoyed.

Friday Flicks: Blockbuster vs. Indie

What will you see this weekend: the dino-centric, blockbuster franchise feature, or the darkly funny, feminist arthouse film?

Friday Flicks

Summertime, it seems safe to say, is here, and with it the summer blockbuster movie season. But if you’re not in the mood for superheroes or dinosaurs, have no fear: There are more offbeat, lower-profile movie-going options open to you. Here are a few:

Celebrate Dads in Style

Father’s Day is right around the corner (Sunday, June 17th, to be exact) and in case you’re still hunting for the perfect present, we’re here to help you out! We’ve rounded up some of the best gift ideas for dad that’ll make his day unforgettable.

Recipe Friday: Grill at Quail Creek Seared Scallops

It’s hard to pick up a dinner menu these days that doesn’t feature scallops in some form – from sautéed in olive oil to drenched in browned butter and coated with panko crumbs.

The Grill at Quail Creek, a restaurant at the Robson Resort Community in Green Valley, offers a pan-seared scallop dish that executive chef Aris Cabrera says is the restaurant’s most popular menu item. “I really love the contrast with the sweetness and the spiciness and the earthy flavors of ginger and lemongrass,” he says. 

Recipe Friday: Robert’s Catering Lemon Snow Pudding

When the weather forecast promises a seemingly unending stretch of of 100-degree-plus days, it’s hard to think about cooking with any form of heat. If you’re in the market for a cool dessert with a minimal amount of stove time, Robert Richter of Chandler-based Robert’s Catering offers up Lemon Snow Pudding. It even sounds chill. 

Downtown Glendale

aka the “Other” Old Town

The Dog-Eared Days of Summer

Keep your noggin nimble with summer reading opportunities at local libraries and bookstores

Sweeping Victory

Put your summer workout plans on ice at Coyotes Curling Club

Business Buzz: Retail Resurrection?

E-commerce retailers take a gamble on in-person shopping.

2018 Staycation Guide

From excellent epicurean adventures to pet-friendly spa sojourns, these luxe Valley resorts have a beat-the-heat summer special for every occasion. Special Bonus: Brand-new resorts!

Land Zo! – Pining Away

Forestry specialists sleuth out the mystery of Phoenix’s dying Aleppo pines

Teach Your Parents

How Arizona’s young student activists – and their teachers – are learning the new tools of protest together in the age of Trump.

Elephant in the Room?

Is ASU’s new “freedom school” a homestead for intellectual diversity or a hotbed of conservative ideals?

Vacation Visionary

Hotel icon Bill Marriott reveals his surprising history with the Camelback Inn and the four most important words in the English language.

From the Hip – June 2018

Valley artist Randy Slack snapped photos of a fire near his studio.

Sharpe to the Point: Blunt Talk

Blunt talk on legalizing marijuana

7 Questions with Tucker Woodbury

We chat with stealth hospitality king Tucker Woodbury

Here Comes the Sun

Arizona’s bright days and balmy nights have lured generations of Americans. But will our ever-hotter and longer summers spoil the party? In the final feature of our Five Cs series, we explore ways people are trying to cool our cities and harness the power of our climate.

Cannonball or swan dive?

What your pool jump style tells the world

40 Under 40

Meet our inaugural 40 Under 40 class! From entrepreneurs to scientists to All-Pro athletes, see which 10-, 20- and 30-something achievers are crushing it in Greater Phoenix.

What’s in Your… Garage? with Mark Russell

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro founder Mark Russell gives us a gander inside his vintage-stuffed garage.


Gin lovers: Celebrate World Gin Day on June 9 with the Violation, a twist on the classic Aviation, from Pitch

Historical Deals

Grab a history-infused happy hour bite at these dining-oriented Valley landmarks

Hey, Mo!

Less is mo when this no-frills Chinese street-food classic hits Valley restaurants

Pav on Juice: Laramita Cellars

A monthly look at Arizona wine with Valley dining impresario Pavle Milic.

Vegetarian Nosh

The Vegetarian Nosh at Tonto Bar & Grill graduates veg-heads from the sides menu to the main

Arizona Broth

The bone broth at Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. proves Grandma’s point: Broth is good for you

Ho Chi Mmm City

Looking for an un-pho-gettable meal? Let our dining writer take you on a tour of four new-ish Vietnamese eateries

Taco Chelo

Gringo tacos? Aquí no, hombre. Aaron Chamberlin’s RoRo cantina might be slick, but it’s plenty authentic

Starlite BBQ

Cruelly, the barbecue is the least impressive thing about this well-conceived but under-executed Scottsdale eatery from the Ocotillo braintrust

Sustainable Phoenix

Will we the Valley be too hot by 2050?

The Payson Packers

Share your Arizona trail adventures on our monthly hiking page

Readers’ Photo Contest

The 5 Cs of Arizona: Copper, cattle, citrus, cotton and climate – these were the staples of Arizona’s early economy, the sustenance of her salad days. They’re also the inspiration for this year’s showcase of reader-generated photographic excellence.

Point Loma

Once a sleepy fishing village and naval base, this reconceived slice of San Diego is embracing a new era

Cheyenne Warner

Ms. Arizona Cheyenne Warner balances pageantry and wildland firefighting

The Big Chill

Technology developed by local air-conditioning pioneers created a livable climate indoors that fueled the Valley’s midcentury growth

Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Judith Amiel-Bendheim

Judith Amiel-Bendheim throws beautiful pottery in her backyard studio

Music Notes: Barrel of Monkees

A playlist of The Monkee’s deep cuts

Top 3 Arts Events June 2018

Our top picks for June’s best arts events

Read It: Mallow Out

Gilbert confectioner Tricia Arce takes us to Marshmallow Heaven

Artist of the Month: Timmy Ham

Phoenix native Timmy Ham collaborates on a fun apparel line with Fox Restaurant Concepts

Tara’s Staycation Guide 2018

The Valley TV personality dishes on her favorite summer staycation adventures.

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