Arizona Broth

Marilyn HawkesJune 1, 2018
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The bone broth at Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. proves Grandma’s point: Broth is good for you.

Photo by Angelina Aragon

Everybody knows broth is good for you – if your own grandmother didn’t hammer the point home, then a TV soup ad grandma surely did.

Unfortunately, the process of simmering chicken or beef bones is messy and time-consuming, and few of us have the patience to make broth from scratch. An alternative: Pick up a quart of small-batch Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. bone broth ($12), available locally at Natural Grocers and Arcadia Meat Market. According to “chief of beef” Deborah Bernett, the ranch’s nutrient-packed bone broth has 19 grams of protein in each 8 oz. serving. Her customers range from those who want to “live a healthy lifestyle” to cancer patients who benefit from the broth’s bounty of vitamins and protein.

The beef bones come from free-range cattle raised on Arizona ranch land without hormones and antibiotics. “All they eat are native grasses, and they aren’t fed anything that has exposure to GMOs,” Bernett says.

To prepare the broth, Bernett’s chefs roast beef bones, then simmer them for three days in steam kettles filled with well water infused with organic vegetables. After straining, only the broth remains, sticky with collagen leached from the bones. There’s no added salt or spices, so you can sip it plain or tweak it to your liking, says Bernett, who also sells a hearty chicken bone broth. “It’s super healthy. Our grandmothers were right about this.”

Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co.

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