September 2018

Editorial StaffSeptember 1, 2018
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Phoenix Files

From the Hip – September 2018

Retired ad exec and amateur photographer Greg Stein shoots a stunning Prescott landscape blurred by smoke and the setting sun.

Rack to School

Class is in session at Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School, and the homework is delicious.

New Kid on the (Butcher) Block

Arcadia Meat Market is a sleek addition to the back-to-basics butcher craze.

Sharpe to the Point: Bad Lawmakers

Opinion columnist Jim Sharpe ruminates on Arizona’s peculiar politicians

Pod People

Local podcasting blasts off with the Valley’s first dramatic podcast and first podcast network.

Land Zo! – Atypical Development

Luna Azul in North Phoenix is the first neighborhood in the U.S. to cater specifically to adults with disabilities.

2018 Where to Live

Valley real estate is humming. But how much higher can it go before the next dip? And which neighborhoods have yet to peak? Visit our annual, Valleywide open house for the answers. Bonus: A reconceived map of booming Downtown Phoenix.

Millenium Pink

A pretty in pink pop quiz.

The Debt and Debit Generation

Millennials face a collision of factors hindering their financial futures.

Music Notes: Songbooks: When the Keyboard Meets the Keyboard

Music Notes: Songbooks: When the Keyboard Meets the Keyboard

Grocery Gambles

The Valley says “Willkommen” to German discount grocer ALDI. Will it go the way of Fresh & Easy?

What’s in Your… Gym Bag? with Lucas James

Celebrity personal trainer Lucas James shares his everyday exercise essentials.

Punching Out the Pounds

Kick your workouts into high gear at local boxing gyms.

Pre-K Delay

Arizona preschools lag behind the national average, but varying standards may play a role.

7 Questions with Kaley O’Kelley

We catch up with longtime ABC 15 newswoman Kaley O’Kelley

Trade (-In) Schools

A reflection on the demise of creative trade schools.

Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Aracely Scott

Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Aracely Scott

The Cray Divorcé

A decade ago, Dwight Lamon Jones was a stay-at-home dad living in a million-dollar Scottsdale home. What caused him to snap and murder six people?

Arizona Nonprofits: Just 3 Things’ Holly Packer

 Just 3 Things, a program of Jewish Family and Children’s Service (JFCS), provides food for youth who have transitioned out of the foster care system.

Friday Flicks: Vloggers, Predators, Gardeners

What’s new at the box office this weekend.

Friday Flicks: Axe Me Again, I’ll Tell You the Same

Opening at Harkins Camelview and several other Valley multiplexes:


Autumn in Park City

Winter gets all the love in Utah’s ski capital, but it’s got fall down to a fine art, too.

Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim

Share your Arizona trail adventures on our monthly hiking page.


King of the Coconino

In 1927, the nation sank its fangs into the real-life drama of a Hollywood lion stranded in Arizona’s Rim Country.

Eternal Springs

After four decades of disuse and a parade of frustrated owners, Arizona’s first resort is finally reborn.

Eat Beat

Pav on Juice: The Joy of Tannat

A monthly look at Arizona wine with Valley dining impresario Pavle Milic.

Hobe Beef Jerky

Jerky lovers sojourn to Hobe Meats in Phoenix for some house-made beef jerky.

Squash Enchilada

Soul Café serves up the ultimate vegetarian comfort food.

Café Monarch

Old Town Scottsdale’s scrappy, improvisational café is reborn a lavishly staffed fine dining palace – and it’s pretty spectacular.

First Bite: Cocina Madrigal

Chef Leo Madrigal started his own upscale Mexican restaurant in South Phoenix after a 20-year tenure at Z’Tejas.

Skin-On Stunners

Once a throwaway item, fish skin is transformed into a crispy, craveable condiment by innovative Valley chefs.

Sonoran Standbys

Culinary revolutions come and go. These old-school Mexican eateries – and their happy hours – hold the line.

Island Fever

When it comes to the Valley’s expanding repertoire of Caribbean cuisine, we’re sharing the same dream.

The Green Lantern

Gin, lime, honeydew, green Chartreuse and fresh cracked pepper make a spicy and bright cocktail.

The Root and Soul

Soul food scion Christian Buze tries a few new things with his first foray into the family business. Wise diners will stick with the standards.

Recipe Friday: Chef Lisa Dahl’s Glorioso Peach Sundae

Before sweet, juicy peaches disappear for the season and we’re back to eating bananas and apples, Chef Lisa Dahl of Dahl Restaurant Group in Sedona offers a dessert recipe that’s simple to prepare and doesn’t heat up the kitchen.

Recipe Friday: Voila French Bistro Mini Quiche Lorraine

The hardest part of preparing a quiche is crafting a light, crumbly crust to cradle the delicate custard filling. If you’ve been searching for an easier way to make this delightful dish, Chef Jean-Christophe Gros of Voila French Bistro offers a recipe using puff pastry purchased at the grocery store.

Recipe Friday: Press Coffee Cold Brew Shaker

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you probably greet every morning with a jolting cup of Joe. Rest assured, you’re in good company. According to the National Coffee Association, 64 percent of Americans have at least one cup of coffee a day.

Recipe Friday: Dorian’s Tomato Burrata Salad

If you’ve ever enjoyed smooth, creamy burrata in a restaurant and wondered how to make it at home, this recipe is for you. Chef Kurtis Smith of Old Town Scottsdale’s Dorian shares his burrata recipe and it’s not as hard to make as you might think.

Recipe Friday: Thirsty Lion’s White Chocolate Cheesecake

Whether planning a formal dinner party or a casual get together, sometimes dessert gets overlooked. But for many people, dessert is more important than the main dish or anything else that precedes it.

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