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Now that we’re experiencing record-breaking heat, it’s time to roll out some cool dishes to take the sizzle out of summer. Bassel Osmani, co-founder of Pita Jungle, offers a gazpacho recipe that he also serves in his restaurants. Osmani says that it’s important to buy the best produce you can find. “Go to your favorite farmers market and get the cleanest organic produce.” He suggests using Persian cucumbers rather than large waterlogged cucumbers and get...


The holidays are over and many of us have vowed to eat healthier foods in 2020. To that end, we decided to start off the year with a nutritious recipe for stir-fried vegetables and noodles from Pita Jungle. Another plus for this recipe: If you’re concerned about your carb intake, shirataki noodles (traditional Japanese noodles made from konjac yams) are very low in digestible carbohydrates as well as calories. If you’d like to give the...

I remember when I was in high school and a Pita Jungle location finally opened on my side of town, the chain-rich West Valley. Finally, something local in the Arrowhead Towne Center area my friends and I haunted, something more sophisticated than food-court fare, something with options for the vegetarians among us.

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