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In the past two decades, nearly 6,000 soldiers died in the line of duty. In that same time, more than 40,000 military veterans have taken their own life. It’s a sobering statistic – and one that Phoenix businessman James Stratman is trying to change. In January, the founder and CEO of local supplement store Peak Nutrition founded Winter Warrior, a nonprofit in honor of former Mesa police officer and U.S. Marine Mitch Winters. In November...

Already feeling bored this summer? As residents of a hellish Arizonan heat, most of our summer-boredom-busting ideas deal with avoiding the sun at all costs: museum-hopping, water park visits and road trips. But, these ideas can grow old. Luckily, all over Phoenix, various organizations are holding summer donation drives for members of our community in need. Why not spend some time this summer looking through drawers, towers of garage boxes, stuffed-beyond-capacity closets and hidden sheds, or even to visit the store to find something to donate? Get to rummaging and check out these philanthropic opportunities around the Valley.


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