Daniel Crumbley, Author at PHOENIX magazine


What was one of humanity's greatest discoveries? You may say electricity, fire or even penicillin but I say nay. No, the greatest thing is the chicken wing. A delicious and versatile food that makes a great addition to any dance, kickback gathering, movie night, Super Bowl viewing, bingo game, Tupperware party or baby shower. The chicken wing is a sacred thing of limitless possibilities. It can be tossed, rubbed, smoked, fired, grilled, glazed, deboned, spicy or cool, sour or sweet. In honor of National Chicken Wing Day this Sunday, PHOENIX has curated the best deals and specials at Valley restaurants. Don't wing it, let us show you the way.


Is there anything better than a festival overflowing with food? No, the answer is definitively no. For food lovers, tastemakers, and trend chasers, food festivals are our Mall of America; a near-endless shopping center chock full of treats, sweets and new eats. To be clear, festivals comes from the Latin festum which quite literally means feast; so, there is no better way to put on a festival than by placing the word "food" in front of it. Regardless of the season, Phoenix hosts several intriguing and uninhibited food festivals that serve the niche and general markets which categorize our various taste preferences. So, skim through our list below and check out the coolest food festivals that are arriving in the Valley soon.


What's your favorite summer pastime? For lots of people, maybe yourself included, the answer is doing absolutely nothing with a refreshing drink in hand. Let's be honest though, another bloody mary or a simple margarita just isn't going to cut it this time around. Solution? Grab your drinking buddies and check out the new summertime cocktails debuting at restaurants across the Valley. With the 4th of July right around the corner and the pool calling your name, now is a perfect time to sip something new. Check out the list below to see our summer cocktail highlights.


Already feeling bored this summer? As residents of a hellish Arizonan heat, most of our summer-boredom-busting ideas deal with avoiding the sun at all costs: museum-hopping, water park visits and road trips. But, these ideas can grow old. Luckily, all over Phoenix, various organizations are holding summer donation drives for members of our community in need. Why not spend some time this summer looking through drawers, towers of garage boxes, stuffed-beyond-capacity closets and hidden sheds, or even to visit the store to find something to donate? Get to rummaging and check out these philanthropic opportunities around the Valley.


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