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A hazy IPA in winter? With this wild desert flower, you bet. Brewed with “frightening amounts” of citra and Amarillo hops, the beer is so unabashedly juice-forward, Walter Station brewers half-humoredly challenged customers to blind taste-test it next to a glass of orange juice. It was an instant hit upon its release last summer – in part for the drinkability of the beer, in part because of the irresistible Raising Arizona-themed labeling. Try it as...


India Pale Ale/10% ABV/100 IBU Have hops achieved celebrity status in the beer world, or what? The leafy bittering agents get title billing in this muscular yet well-proportioned hazy IPA from Tombstone’s beloved craft brewing mainstay, and yes, it’s like a hop clinic in your mouth. The lush piney-ness from the Idaho 7, the refreshing lime-grapefruit interplay from the Citra, the tropical funk of the Stratta, it’s all here – in “ludicrous” amounts, brags the...


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