March 2018

Borderlands Poetry: Living and Writing on the Mexican-American Line

The U.S.-Mexico border is always a hot topic. But these days, it seems more people than ever before have an opinion on “The Wall,” or whether our borders need to be more open or more secure. Of course, most people come to these opinions via rogue social media posts rather than real-life experience living on the line. Omar Pimienta is not one of those people. The poet lives on the Tijuana/San Diego border, an experience he documents in his book “Album of Fences,” which his friend and fellow poet Jose Antonio Villarán recently translated into English.

Recipe Friday: Match Restaurant & Lounge Sea Bass

If you’re ready to tackle a multifaceted fish recipe for a special occasion dinner, this one’s for you.

Match Restaurant & Lounge executive chef Alex Stratta offers a sea bass recipe that’s complex in preparation, but uses simple ingredients. “This is a very traditional Provencal application,” Stratta says. “It reminds me of the south of France.”

Amuse-Bouches April 2018

Tasty local news bites to whet your appetite.

Q&A: Phoenix Author Amy Trueblood Pens Debut YA Novel

Local author Amy Trueblood straps on her helmet and gets a bit daring with her debut young adult novel, “Nothing But Sky.” It features 18-year-old Grace Lafferty, a wing walker who stuns the crowds with dangerous acrobatics in the sky. The novel follows her chase to get to the 1922 World Aviation Expo until a stunt goes wrong. PHOENIX had the chance to talk to Trueblood before her novel came out on March 27.

Trueblood will be at Changing Hands in Tempe on March 31 at 4 p.m. for her book launch. For more information, go here.

Robin Hood of Food

When John van Hengel founded St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix in 1967, he started a global revolution in food distribution.

Best Easter Brunches in Phoenix

Hop to it! Reservations are recommended for this round-up of the best brunch bets in Phoenix this Easter Sunday.

Treat Yourself to Turmeric TLC with these Valley Health Dealers

It seems every day, we hear about different superfood that’ll give you super powers (or, at least, super health). We’ve all read how the açaí berry will boost your immune system; how flaxseed will fight depression; how quinoa will basically cure cancer. The latest edible life force on everyone’s tongues? Turmeric.

Recipe Friday: Mountain Sunrise Cocktail (for charity!)

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month and Octane Raceway in Scottsdale has created a special cocktail to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Mountain Sunrise is $10, with $2 going to the charity, which funds research of the debilitating disease of the central nervous system.

Learn How to Eat Cheese at the Farm at South Mountain

Besides being home to some of the Valley’s top restaurants, the Farm at South Mountain is a dynamic spot that hosts a variety of classes ranging from yoga to painting. One of its recurring classes is the Cheese Course 101. (A word to all the aspiring cheese mongers out there: alas, you won’t learn how to make cheese. Basically, you learn how to eat it. As if there was a wrong way…)

Travel Bag Bites: March 2018

As editors of a city lifestyle magazine with a travel section that covers locales far beyond our beloved Phoenix Valley, you can imagine that we get pitched a lot about new and exciting travel offers around the country. Of course, we can’t fit everything into a 200-page monthly magazine that only allots five of those pages to regional travel. Sigh… ’tis the nature of publishing.

But it pains us too much to kill all of our darlings. So each month, we scrape a few travel tidbits off the cutting room floor and bring you Travel Bag Bites – bite-sized travel-related goodies (special offers, activities and deals) to snack on while planning your next great escape.

New Around Town: Quartzsite

There’s more to Quartzsite than the annual Quartzsite Improvement Association Pow Wow Gem & Mineral Show held every winter. Next time you’re road-tripping west, make a pit stop for these attractions.

Just Back From: Las Vegas with Rich Hinojosa

Tacos al pastor, suadero, cabeza and lengua from Tacos El Gordo. Photo by Richard Hinojosa.

When chef Rich Hinojosa first visited Las Vegas with his family at age 13, he was not old enough to take in all that Sin City had to offer, namely: gambling, boozing and fine dining. As a full-grown culinarian, the executive chef and co-owner of CRUjiente Tacos now makes regular runs to check out the “fun stuff going on in Vegas for restaurants.” From Chinatown to downtown, Hinojosa shares his favorite hot spots and up-and-comers.

Recipe Friday: Hotel Adeline’s Selfmade Salmon

Back in January, Hotel Adeline quietly opened in Old Town Scottsdale. The new hotel has a hip vibe reminiscent of Hotel Valley Ho and a stellar view of Camelback Mountain, if you’re lucky enough to be poolside. The property also has two promising restaurants – Good & Proper, a casual café with breakfast and lunch menus, and Selfmade, the hotel’s full-service dinner restaurant.

Mile-High Motown

Prior to superstardom, The Jackson 5 played to enthusiastic crowds in Winslow – the siblings’ first performances outside their home state of Indiana.

Jill Johnson

Phoenix Rising Tour Company founder Jill Johnson is the docent of Downtown Phoenix

Buttered Rum Punch

The Gladly mixologist Mike Liberatore’s buttered rum punch hearkens back to Benjamin Franklin’s barfly days

Buck of the Irish

Have a wee bit o’ midweek fun at these Irish pubs and restaurants. Sláinte!

Jus Marvelous

Hold your own dunk contest with French dips and other broth-boosted sammies.

Amuse-Bouches March 2018

Tasty local news bites to whet your appetite

Fried Guac

Guacamole gets the “state fair” treatment at The Coronado, where orbs of avocado and pico de gallo are fried until crisp

Odelay Bagel Co.

Ryan Probst makes bagels the old-fashioned way at his Ahwatukee bagel shop Odelay Bagel Co.

Hidden Gems

How much stock can you put in a Yelp review? Our reviewer visited these lesser-known four- and five-star eateries to find out.

Glai Baan

Thai’d for the very first time? Cat Bunnag’s superb midtown bistro will make even the most jaded panang lover feel like a culinary virgin.

Mowry & Cotton

The Phoenician’s new modern-American restaurant makes for a fine culinary playground – but beware the romper room service.

Milk Money?

Governor Doug Ducey is setting aside at least $100 million for schools in the next budget, all without raising taxes. Chump change, say education advocates.

What’s in Your… Bar Kit with Jackson Donahue

The Canal Club cocktail-slinger Jackson Donahue opens up his bar kit.

Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Coley Kuyper

Motherhood informs hand-lettering artist Coley Kuyper’s feminine signs and illustrations.

Top 3 Arts Events March 2018

Our top picks for March’s best arts events

Survival Skills

Phoenix entrepreneur and activist Tahirah Ogletree brings domestic violence survivors to beautiful, crushing light in Survivors: Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence.

Artist of the Month: Alexandra Grounds

The 19-year-old oil painter’s photorealistic portraits seduce the eye

Bear Necessities

Phoenix retiree June Rector crafts personalized Teddy bears out of heirloom furs

Artists in the House

Rub elbows with painters, potters and photographers at the Valley’s various artist-in-residence programs and workshops.

Rage Against the (Fax) Machine

Act out everyone’s favorite printer-smashing movie scene at this so-called “rage-release room.”

Business Buzz – Direct Marketing

Phoenix ad executive Roger Hurni gives app algorithms a go with LighthousePE

Puerto Vallarta Getaway

Mexico’s glamorous, tropical beach town should be called Resort-o Vallarta.

Land Zo! – Getting Into Dodge

Are even the “bad” parts of Downtown being blessed by the revitalization fairies?

AZ Utopia

Share your Arizona trail adventures on our monthly hiking page

The Lobby

Things we love and loathe this month

Recipe Friday: Helio Basin Brewing O’Odham White Tepary Bean Dip

If you’re looking for a vegetarian appetizer that packs a protein punch, chef Tamara Stanger of Helio Basin Brewing Co. shares a user-friendly recipe for white bean puree (akin to a creamy hummus). Stanger uses Ramona Farms white tepary beans, a product that has been cultivated for about 1,000 years by Native Americans in the Sonoran Desert. (Buy online at

“You can sub other white beans, but these are very buttery and have more protein than any other bean,” Stanger says.

Stanger uses crème fraiche in her recipe, but you can substitute sour cream or cottage cheese and vegans can use silken tofu, she says. Also, feel free to throw in any pickled vegetables or olives you have on hand. “This dish is really good for entertaining and it celebrates Arizona.”

Newcomers’ Guide to the Valley

Folks keep moving to Phoenix.

According to Census data, more than 30,000 new residents joined us in 2017 alone, the biggest such spike in the nation.

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