Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Coley Kuyper

Mike MeyerMarch 1, 2018
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Coley Kuyper has been turning letters into art ever since she was a little girl. “I always wanted to be the one drawing on the chalkboard, or helping my teacher write things on the board for her,” Kuyper says. “I like the different ways that you can make letters look and [how you can] feel through looking at them.” Now, she makes hand-lettered greeting cards, chalkboards and more, using watercolors for maximum whimsy. “I have four girls, so I’d say a lot of my artwork is probably on the girly side, too.” Her motherly instincts influence not just Kuyper’s visual stylings, but also the words she writes. “A lot of the lyrics or quotes that I use speak to me because I’m a mother, or because it’s deep and meaningful.” Her work can be found in her Etsy shop,

Daughters’ Art
Kuyper has four children (all girls: Raleigh, 4; twins Jocilyn and Jaelynn, 3; and Sage, 2) and one more due in February. “My girls love to paint and color.”

Vintage Scale
For weighing envelopes to determine shipping costs. (The studio doubles as Kuyper’s business office.)

Lots of Coffee
Kuyper makes lattes and cappuccinos with the espresso machine her husband, Shane, got her for Christmas.

Huge Window
Lets in great light during Kuyper’s prime working hours of 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Also perfect for watching the kids while they play outside. “They entertain themselves well.”

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