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Ryan and Caitlin Jocque are no strangers to the restaurant industry. The duo, who are behind the popular Valley eateries Original Chop Shop, Diego Pops, The Montauk and The Hot Chick, recently opened Eat Up Drive In, a new fast-casual concept in Arcadia that pairs homestyle meals with convenience. When the Jocques first saw the property at 40th Street and Indian School Road, they immediately thought it would be a great location for a drive-in...

Every Tuesday and Wednesday after 3 p.m., Whyld Ass Grill owner Keith Wyatt sets several quarts of soup outside the door of his vegan restaurant in Phoenix for anyone to take. It’s a gesture of gastronomic goodwill from someone who knows what it’s like to struggle. Wyatt had barely reopened after recovering from flooding when he shuttered amid coronavirus concerns. Since the pandemic, he’s had to lay off 85 percent of the staff at his...

For those of you who like the flavor of fruitcake but are wary of the dense texture, Tammie Coe of Tammie Coe Cakes has a recipe tailor made for you. “I like to make bread pudding out of anything and this is the perfect thing to do with fruitcake. It’s delicious,” she says.

When preparing, make sure not to over bake or the custard will curdle, Coe says. But the most important step is to make sure the fruitcake is completely soaked with custard before popping in the oven.

If fruitcake just isn't your jam, good news: "This recipe can be used with any kind of bread,” Coe says. “You can use it with pancakes or chocolate cookies and can top with any kind of fruit.

For information about where to purchase Tammie Coe fruitcakes, visit

When Jim Gallen, chef/owner of Tom’s Tavern, was recovering from chemotherapy and radiation treatments for tongue cancer, he would often find himself awake in the middle of the night due to side effects from the medication. During many of those sleepless nights, Jim and his dad (who moved in to help Jim get through treatment) watched the Food Network. As they watched in the wee hours one morning, Jim’s dad mentioned that he hadn’t had meatloaf in a while, so Jim got to work on a new recipe. He came up with veal meatloaf, now a bestseller at Tom’s Tavern.


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