Jackie Dishner, Author at PHOENIX magazine


After losing strength in her arms and legs in her early 30s from a neuromuscular disease, Kathy Q. Parks fell into a depression. “I couldn’t lift my legs to go upstairs. How was I going to take care of my children?” The normally physically active Arizona native, who studied physical education and health at the University of Arizona, remembered how art mesmerized her in high school, so she turned to that. Over time, the use...


Timothy Chapman paints wild, imaginative renderings of animals. He favors zebras that fly or giraffes with leathercraft designs rather than spot patterns. Lately, he’s been into birds (ravens and magpies, in particular), painting them like illustrations in an abstract biology textbook. He adds mountains he grew up near, like Camelback Mountain, on the canvas. The second-generation Arizonan, a Scottsdale-based artist who works out of the Cattletrack Arts Compound, calls his work “invented natural history.” Chapman’s...


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