March 2019

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From the Editor

Phoenix Files

SmartLipo is the Smart Choice for Liposuction

Infini Cosmetic Associates strives to keep up-to-date with the latest and best technology for fat removal and buttock augmentation. When laser-assisted liposuction was introduced, Dr. Hall was one of the first to bring this new laser liposuction device to his practice. Dr. Hall says, “We began using SmartLipo in 2008 and it definitely has been a game changer.”

What’s in your…iPhone?

Publicist Charlotte Shaff shares her top apps for managing life as a work-at-home mom.

Defying Gravity

Elevate yourself with agility and grace with Tough Lotus’ bungee workout.

Dojo Mojo

Grand Avenue’s Fushicho Daiko drum dojo offers classes and jam sessions.

Grace Perry

The jukebox heroine shares the story behind her Phoenix-famous bar.

Skin Deep

Work local skincare products into your self-care routine.

Artist of the Month: Rosa Kilgore

The metalsmithing jeweler has art in her genes.

Weaving Magic

“Navajo Weavers of the Southwest” brings the intricate artform to life.

Top 3 Arts Events March 2019

Our top picks for this month’s best arts events.

Different Strokes

A look at what the individual Strokes have been up to since their early aughts heyday.

The Write Stuff

Arizona has become an unlikely hub for artisan pen making.

Valley Kids

To achieve acclaim in their industries, these former Valley schoolkids needed to leave town. Catch up with our most famous Phoenix-reared millennials.

Studio Snapshot: Mindy Timm

Mindy Timm’s art is all over the place. But that’s how the Phoenix artist likes it.

Ms. Brain vs. Mr. Brawn

Many think Kate Gallego has this month’s Phoenix mayoral showdown in the bag – and she might. But firefighter and fellow Democrat Daniel Valenzuela plans to make her work for it by roping in some Republicans.

Arizona Nonprofits: Rancho Feliz’s Gil Gillenwater

At the end of 2019, the Dorrance Family Foundation of Scottsdale issued a $300,000 matching funds grant to Rancho Feliz Charitable Foundation, inc., a Scottsdale-based nonprofit that builds homes and provides food to the needy in Mexico. The grant will be used to build a new volunteer dormitory in Agua Prieta, Sonora, on the U.S./Mexico border because Rancho Feliz has outgrown its current facility. The new dormitory, “La Hacienda Feliz,” will house U.S. and Mexican volunteers together while they build homes, distribute food and care for children and seniors in the area’s slums, fostering cross-cultural service experiences.

Business Buzz: Shooting for the Sky

Small aviation businesses are springing up in the Valley despite substantial barriers to entry.

Hive Mentality

Human safety or ecological conservation? That’s the dilemma with Valley bees in the spring.

Land Zo!: Work of Art

A new live-work space for artists pops up in Mesa.

Marijuana Mixers

Underground “sister sessions” provide clandestine cannabis access.

The Peacemaker

From announcing the end of World War II to preserving iconic Arizona buildings, Gregory Melikian has played a key role in local and international history.

Friday Flicks: Dust and Red Rocks

A new film and an old film festival.

Interview with a Bluesman

Big Pete Pearson has long been known as Arizona’s King of the Blues, but these days, he says his kingdom is dwindling.

Don’t Miss the Phoenix Scottish Games

Turn to Scotland for your dose of hardcore sporting action this weekend.



The best-kept secret on Route 66? It just might be the Art Deco haven of Tulsa.

Retro Trail Photography

Share your Arizona trail adventures on our monthly hiking page.


Disorder on the Court

The Phoenix Racquets of World Team Tennis smashed overheads and sports barriers during their successful run in the mid-1970s.

Eat Beat

Mock-Meat Burger

Get your hamburger fix sans meat with the Impossible Burger.

5 Best Things to Eat This Month

Emboldened by tourist and snowbird crowds, Valley restaurateurs get frisky come spring. They launch new menus. They book wine dinners. They do spring-long, high-concept “supper series” events. Some dishes to look out for this month.

Pav on Juice: An Outsider’s Perspective

A monthly look at Arizona wine with Valley dining impresario Pavle Milic.

Breakfast Biceps

Health-minded Valley chefs turn the humble pancake into a delicious protein-delivery system.

Sea Deal, Eat Deal

Reel in lively happy hour deals at these Valley seafood spots.

Laab Sided

Glai Baan mixologist Max Berlin gets funky with this Thai-food inspired cocktail.

Singh Meadows

Farm-to-table? How about farm-on-table? Under the expert direction of chef Sacha Levine, the produce playground’s new culinary program is pure, veggie-centric poetry.

Parma Italian Roots

This promising Italian concept in Scottsdale is rounding its first turn without the services of its founding chef – and the quality has stumbled in kind.

Cod Almighty

Nothing compares to the flaky-crunchy tango of fish and chips – and no matter where you live in the Valley, there’s a heaping basket waiting just for you.

Craft Sauerkraut

Craft sauerkraut gets a delicious and healthy twist from Garden Goddess.

Recipe Friday: 32 Shea’s Divine Mintspiration

Before the 6th Annual Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge comes to a close on Feb. 28, we wanted to share at least one recipe.

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