Craft Sauerkraut

Marilyn HawkesFebruary 1, 2019
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Craft sauerkraut gets a delicious and healthy twist from Garden Goddess.

Wellness industry veteran Suzette Smith would tell anyone willing to listen that supplements were important for good health. “Then I realized that you can’t supplement your way out of a bad diet,” she says. With the grade school mantra of “you are what you eat” spinning in her head, the Phoenix resident shifted her focus to foods with gut-health benefits. She started fermenting cabbage at home before formally starting Garden Goddess four years ago. Today, she offers four 16 oz. sauerkraut varieties ($12 each) made with organic cabbage: Dilly Hot, spiked with serrano chiles and dill; Kowboy Kraut, laced with red onions, red bell peppers and green chile; Power Kraut, highlighted with garlic, turmeric and cilantro; and Apple Horse, buoyed by apples, kale, mint and horseradish. One tablespoon of kraut a day provides the body with nutrient-rich probiotics and can boost gut health, Smith says.

Three years ago, Smith also started making and selling Beet Kvass Fermented Beet Tonic ($10), a heady blend of organic beets mixed with cinnamon and clove that she ferments in crocks for three to six weeks. The juice emerges salty and sassy. According to Smith, drinking just 2 ounces a day promotes better digestion and curbs sugar cravings. “Food really is medicine, and you can turn your life around by what you put in your mouth.” Find Garden Goddess at local farmers’ markets and online.

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