Defying Gravity

Irene Franco RubioFebruary 1, 2019
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Elevate yourself with agility and grace with Tough Lotus’ bungee workout.

Swinging from one side of the fitness studio to another while suspended by bungee cords in personal harnesses, attendees at Tough Lotus’ bungee class look like circus performers suspended under the big top, or like monkeys swinging through the jungle.

Owner, instructor and bungee workout expert Amanda Paige is a certified master trainer who learned this method in Thailand and brought it to the United States to offer fitness junkies a dynamic, ever-evolving class. Bungee workouts limit the pressure on joints and improve range of motion through the use of bungee cords as they propel users to any height and in any direction. Paige says benefits include “spinal decompression, lymphatic movement, lower-body stability, strengthen[ing of] postural alignment muscles and much more.”

Tough Lotus offers three gravity-defying classes: bungee workout, bungee fit and advanced bungee ($35 per class). Paige also offers 10 other aerial fitness classes, from aerial ballet to cardio spring, for $15 per class.

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