A Spring to End Them All

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From the Editor, March 2019

Spring is a time of renewal and refreshment, to let the glory of a new season wash over you “like abundant rain on tender plants,” as the good book says. But I’ll be honest – it usually stresses me out.

The problem: Spring is so fleeting in the Valley, with so much to do, I’m always left with the haunting suspicion that I didn’t fully exploit its awesomeness. Didn’t go to enough Cactus League games. Didn’t enjoy enough outdoor dinners. Didn’t take my kids on enough hikes before the triple-digit silliness sets in. And so on.

By the end of it, I’m beaten but unbowed, determined to do it right the next time, sort of like Scarlett O’Hara at the end of Gone with the Wind: “As God as my witness, I’ll never let another spring slip through my fingers again!”

Maybe that’s more drama than a grown man should cop to, but you get the picture, and as a fellow Valley-ite you might even feel the same way about our all-too-brief high season. So we offer you this, our Best Spring Ever! issue, designed explicitly around the premise that you should enjoy this spring like it’s your last. The 34-page package includes all the music and food info you could possibly need, plus an herb garden primer, bucket list experiences – including the supercar-rental idea that facilitated this photo (left) – and the most lavish Cactus League guide we’ve ever published. For good measure, PHOENIX hiking guru Mare Czinar also chips in 12 hiking-festival combo ideas that, to me, represent the exegesis of spring here in the Valley – a great workout, a food festival, fun, sun, sleep. It doesn’t get springier. Find it all starting on page 78.

Speaking of renewal, Phoenix will get a brand spanking new mayor this month, an exciting development for the nation’s fifth-largest city that freelance writer Stephen Lemons skillfully biopsies in Ms. Brains vs. Mr. Brawn on page 118. Also worth checking out: writer Marilyn Hawkes’ Valley Kids feature, essentially a gang profile of five local kids who’ve gone on to great things in media, the arts and politics.

I hope you use your March PHOENIX to create a spring that truly makes all before it pale. But if that doesn’t happen, just strike a Scarlett pose. After all, spring 2020 is another spring.

Craig Outhier
Craig Outhier

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