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The Coconut Blossom | Photo courtesy   I don’t have a dog, but I do follow a lot of canine-centric Instagram pages. I guess I like to live vicariously through various dog owners via the internet without all the time, money and patience it takes to actually be one. The Barking Bodega, it seems, was built for people like me. Well, scratch that. This spot, which opened in March, was built for dogs with...

I step onto the platform and grab the bar with a grip so strong my palms start to ache. But pulling up the weight, I look in the gym’s mirror and see no pain on my face, only motivation and determination.

When you hear the term powerlifting, you might think of a CrossFit gym with bulky bros and an absurd pull-up requirement. But in powerlifting, the movements are more controlled using heavier weight, whereas cross training is about practicing many different exercises. The main goal is to lift as much weight as possible. And maybe a little more.


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