October is National Pasta Month. Our Favorite Carbs in the Valley

Editorial StaffSeptember 27, 2022
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October is National Pasta Month! What’s your favorite pile of carbs in the Valley?

“Anything from Andreoli Italian Grocer, but especially the spaghetti with grated bottarga (cured, salted fish roe), which appeared on our cover a few years back.”
— Craig Outhier, editor

“Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most satisfying. My go-to pasta dish is the cacio e pepe from Campo Italian Bistro and Bar, which is literally just topped with cheese, butter, pepper and parsley. It’s the basic balance for me.”
— Madison Rutherford, associate editor

“Mmmm, every time I think of pasta, I always think of Nonna Urban Eatery. Their Bolognese is unforgettable and I always find myself daydreaming about it.” 
— Angelina Aragon, managing art director

“Any pasta at Tratto is a win. Anything Scott Conant is dishing up at The Americano or Mora Italian is to die for. I also love the gnocchi at Marcellino Ristorante, and I have a soft spot for the create-your-own pasta at my childhood favorite, Cucina Tagliani.”
— Leah LeMoine, managing editor

“Pasta is one of my weaknesses, and there are so many in the Valley I love! But I tend to prefer the simpler ones like the angel hair pasta at Guido’s in Scottsdale, which is served in a savory, garlic-forward sauce and dappled with chopped Roma tomatoes and basil; and the house-made pasta at Tratto, which is gently kissed by olive oil, salt, pepper and just a sprinkling of Parm.”
— Mirelle Inglefield, art director