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Spend some time in Tucson for a mix of nightlife, restaurants and hiking trails. Tito & Pep Located in Midtown, this Southwestern bistro with a mesquite grill offers items for all to enjoy. Chef and owner John Martinez provides a menu full of vegetarian and meat-based dishes, such as caramelized zucchini and crispy chicken tortas. El Crisol This mezcal bar can be found in the back of Exo Roast Co., a coffee shop on Sixth...


Tucson’s murals loom large, with many spanning several stories and stretching across entire sides of buildings. Here are a few can’t-miss favorites to look for while exploring Downtown Tucson. Joe Pagac This epic mural sprawls across 4,000 square feet at 534 North Stone Avenue. It shows a cowboy and a woman riding bicycles into blue skies. The woman’s dress billows behind her, morphing into a sunset backdrop for a trio of animal buddies, also riding...


Black Lives Matter posters prominently adorn the windows of Hotel Congress in Tucson, side by side with posters promoting mask wearing, an image quintessentially 2020. On the side of Hotel Congress is a mural by Camila Ibarra that perfectly encapsulates the two messages. A masked-up Black woman exudes power, clenched fists of solidarity rising above her. Ibarra is a student at Arizona State University. She has been selling prints and t-shirts of her artwork to...


‘Tis the time of the year when everyone wants a quick staycation for the holidays. One great thing about Arizona is that you can drive two hours in any direction and end up somewhere completely different. Sometimes you might think you’re in a different state because the scene is so different from the metropolitan area. Here are a few places to stay during the holidays.  Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock If you want to stay...


It’s almost the most bone-chilling time of the year, and there’s no better way to kick off October than with some ghost hunting.

In addition to faux haunted homes and fear farms in every corner of the Valley leading up to Halloween, Arizona also has plenty of reportedly haunted historic places to whet the appetites of paranormal enthusiasts and urban explorers alike. Test your mettle beyond artificial haunted houses starring high schoolers dressed up like killer clowns — here are some ghost hunts for those brave souls wanting to stare down something a little less cheesy and a little more real.


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