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Photo by Aaron Kane   Phoenix beverage industry veterans Sheldon Wiley and Eric Burdick have recently teamed up to launch Becky, a new hard seltzer that’s also known as “personality in a can.” Available in four flavors – pink lemonade, passion fruit, mango and tropical cherry – Becky might help you “turn on that fun gear and have a good time,” Burdick says. “We all have a Becky inside of us.” Do you consider Becky...


Photo courtesy Four Peaks Brewing    Hard seltzer is having a heyday and while we love the thought of sipping a White Claw or Truly by the pool this summer, we’re also all about supporting local. So skip the big-name cocktails in a can and opt for one of these locally made hard seltzers. Four Peaks Brewing Sun Day Solar Seltzer The name of the newly released hard seltzers from Four Peaks isn’t just a...


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