Taco Guild, known for its cilantro-studded guacamole and robust food lineup featuring more than a dozen taco options, recently launched a new brunch menu. The unique uptown Mexican eatery is housed in an old church, which seems fitting since some consider brunch to be an almost religious ritual. In fact, the new menu kicked off on Sunday, August 25 with a full gospel band, which will return every Sunday in September. The brunch menu features...

The menu at Mill Avenue mainstay Pedal Haus Brewery just got a major facelift. The lively brewpub recently unveiled its vegan and gluten-free options, which are displayed prominently on the back of its robust menu. Pedal Haus’ owner Julian Wright wanted to make an isolated section for those with dietary restrictions, who he says usually have to scour the menu or ask the server for suggestions. Now, plant-based patrons can choose from 22 meat-free meals...

As I took a bite of Chef Jeff Smedstad’s "pay de queso" (Mexican cheesecake), my mind took me back to my childhood’s kitchen. I pictured my mom baking pays for the holidays and a younger me eager to eat. This is the real deal I told Smedstad. The chef and owner of the reknowned Elote Cafe in Sedona says he was influenced by a trip to Veracruz where he learned about the craft of homemade Mexican cheesecake sort of a lighter, less sweet, less dense version of our beloved New York cheesecake. He put a spin on the traditional Mexican dessert with goat cheese from Fossil Creek Goat Farm in Strawberry, Arizona, near Payson. The result is absolutely exquisite.

Venue: University of Phoenix Stadium
Item: Chocolate fruit kebob
Why it's weird: It's chocolate. And fruit. And football.

Tucked in-between an Italian sausage concession stand and a beer “garden” in section 114 of University of Phoenix Stadium, a chocolate fruit kebob stand feels like a welcoming oasis, surrounded by the smoky smells of typical stadium grub. Sporting an assortment of different delicious delicacies, including frozen cheesecake, a caramel apple blossom and the most popular, strawberry banana kebob, YumShack is offering football fans with a sweet tooth a chance to treat themselves during the game.