Healthy Food at Cards Stadium?

Lauren LoftusOctober 11, 2016
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At first, I felt a little weird ordering a fruit kebob at a NFL game. While hardy fans all around me were munching on nachos or chowing down on hot dogs, I felt out of place among the masses, carrying a stick of fruit drizzled with chocolate sauce. However, after carefully avoiding skewering my fellow stadium-goers on my trek back to my seat, all of my past fears were put to rest as I took my first bite. It tasted like chocolate fondue was hand-delivered to my exact location. My sweet tooth was satisfied and the strawberry-banana combo allowed me to not feel as guilty about consuming all that sugar. While fanatics jumped up and cheered their team on, I couldn’t help but stay seated, marveling at the delicate design of my treat.

The main con was the chore of actually eating the kebob. While attempting to avoid poking anyone’s eyes out, including my own, I needed multiple napkins to avoid a strawberry juice disaster on my Cardinals jersey.

The price was also elevated significantly, at $7 per kebob for just five pieces of fruit, but that’s to be expected with almost any type of food or beverage in a sports arena.

Ultimately, if you have the wallet space and the ability to handle an incredible amount of confused stares from complete strangers, I highly recommend the YumShack stand for a sweet, but relatively healthy treat if you find yourself burnt out on all those game day hot dogs.

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