Last night's highly anticipated U2 concert at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale ushered in the official start of fall in the Valley. The roof, gleefully, was open, framing a few stars and washing the packed crowd with blessed late-September breezes. Bono and the band delighted, playing hits spanning their 41-year career – from “Sunday Bloody Sunday” to “Beautiful Day,” along with every song from the beloved Joshua Tree album.

Venue: University of Phoenix Stadium
Item: Chocolate fruit kebob
Why it's weird: It's chocolate. And fruit. And football.

Tucked in-between an Italian sausage concession stand and a beer “garden” in section 114 of University of Phoenix Stadium, a chocolate fruit kebob stand feels like a welcoming oasis, surrounded by the smoky smells of typical stadium grub. Sporting an assortment of different delicious delicacies, including frozen cheesecake, a caramel apple blossom and the most popular, strawberry banana kebob, YumShack is offering football fans with a sweet tooth a chance to treat themselves during the game.