Recipe Friday: The Shrimp Spring Rolls from Tea Light Café

Marilyn HawkesFebruary 7, 2020
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For the past 14 years, Tea Light Café has been turning out fresh and healthy Vietnamese food from its location a few doors down from The Cine Capri in Scottsdale. Owner Chris Price says he’s also been a vendor at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show for the same amount of time. “We started out as a mobile espresso van,” he says. The Prices still sell coffee and baked goods at the show, as well as Vietnamese food, including shrimp spring rolls.

This recipe has simple ingredients, but it takes a little skill to wrap the rolls, Price says. “Take your time when rolling them. It just takes practice.”

If you want to taste the real deal before experimenting, you can find the spring rolls at Tea Light Café as well as at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show February 13 to 23 at Westworld. 

Shrimp Spring Rolls

(Makes one roll)

Rice paper, round
3 medium size shrimp
Lettuce mix, cut
Chopped lettuce
Cilantro, minced
Bean sprouts
Rice noodles (1 oz. cooked ahead of time)


1. Dunk rice paper in warm to hot water quickly.
2. Lay flat on cutting board.
3. Lay three shrimp in the middle of rice paper facing the same direction.
4. Lay 1 oz. of noodles over shrimp.
5. Lay lettuce mix over the shrimp.
6. Using both hands, pick up the rice paper and fold over the top of the ingredients tucking it in tightly. Then fold over each side one at a time so it holds the ingredients from falling out on the sides. Start rolling it up slowly so the shrimp stay in unison with one another.
7. Garnish with peanuts and serve with your favorite peanut sauce.


This definitely takes practice, from the right water temperature, to how long you have before the rice paper hardens before you can’t roll it. You must have everything prepped before dunking the rice paper. Spring rolls don’t last long after rolling them, they should be made and eaten soon after.


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