Recipe Friday: Pumpkin Spiced-Up Latte from Teaspressa

Marilyn HawkesDecember 1, 2016
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Why is tea a better alternative to coffee?
Teaspressa is made similar to a shot of espresso, and has the same amount of caffeine; however, Teaspressa does not contain coffee — it is a concentrated tea that is made using a pressure extraction method, resulting in Teaspressa’s products containing all of the health benefits found in traditional tea. Teaspressa contains more caffeine than regular tea and provides the consumer with an all day energy boost. Teaspressa delivers an energy punch without the common side effects of coffee found in medical studies such as headaches, nausea, dehydration and jitters.

Can you walk through tea brewing process?
The preferred method of making Teaspressa is with a moka pot, a small, stovetop device traditionally used to brew espresso. Teaspressa can also be made using a French press or with a pour over unity. Here’s how to do it in a moka pot:

  1. Pour Teaspressa Signature Tea Blend into moka pot
  2. Boil moka pot on the stovetop at medium-high temperature for about 3-5 minutes.
  3. Pour freshly brewed Teaspressa from moka pot and add milk, water, sugar cubes or your favorite ingredients to curate a signature Teaspressa latte, Americano or cappuccino.Courtesy Teaspresso

Pumpkin “Spiced Up” Latte
12 oz. Cape Town or Manhattan Black Teaspressa shot, one double serving
moka pot filled with water and 2 scoops of tea
2 tbsp. pumpkin pie spice puree/syrup in each cup
1 tbsp. white chocolate chips
12 oz. of choice of milk
2.5 oz. Copper City Bourbon

Prepare 12 oz. tea shot in Double Serving Moka Pot. While waiting for tea to brew, add ½ tbsp. of white chocolate chips in each cup and add 1 tbsp. of pumpkin spice puree/syrup in each cup. While waiting for tea to brew, heat up milk and froth with a milk frother (frothing optional). When tea is complete pour 6 oz. of tea in each cup and stir each cup until all ingredients melt and are blended. Pour in the Copper City Bourbon (add more or less for your personal taste). Pour 6 oz. of frothed, heated milk into each cup. Prepare to wear a smile and enjoy your spiced up pumpkin latte!

Copper City Bourbon. Courtesy Arizona Distilling Co.Buy Copper City Bourbon at Arizona Distilling Co.’s new tasting room in Tempe, as well as multiple retail locations throughout the Valley. All of Teaspressa’s products, including its Signature Tea Blends and tea ware, are sold at

*Edited for brevity


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