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‘Tis the season for Oktoberfest beers and pumpkin porters. But Arizona’s craft brewers sometimes go outside that box to bring you other autumnal suds worth sipping. Here are five to try.

#1: SunUp Brewing Co. Oktoberfest
The only Oktoberfest beer on this list tops it by virtue of its perfect balance of crisp hops and lightly toasted malts. A medium-bodied, effervescent, eminently drinkable amber. 6.2% ABV.

#2: Perch Brewery Rosemary IPA
This golden IPA has a frothy head and a slightly hoppy nose but no bitter finish whatsoever. There’s a slightly spicy rosemary bite at the back of the palate, but so gentle it’s more like a nibble. 6% ABV.

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