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Pickleball – the sport with the funny name that has been sweeping the nation – was first played in 1965. The approachable pastime combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis, with participants playing singles or doubles. The list of Valley venues to play at is growing along with the popularity of the sport. If you’re interested in giving it a go, check out these five places with pickleball courts.    G.R. Herberger Park  This...


Dr. Tamar Gottfried expects a bit of a baby boom in 2021. While the Mesa-based OB-GYN (obgynmesa.com) has seen a decrease in routine screenings and consultations due to the coronavirus pandemic, she has also witnessed an uptick in new pregnancies. Whether that’s a byproduct of quarantine is a subject for historians, but even in these virus-cloistered times, expectant moms need exercise and fresh air. Gottfried, who leads hikes for the Arizona Trailblazers hiking club (azhikers.org),...


Since Governor Doug Ducey ordered all gyms to close (again) through the end of July, home workouts are back in the quarantine circuit. Here are half a dozen regimens from local fitness gurus that can help make you stronger, faster and maybe even saner. BODI Nike Master Trainer Nikki Metzger was named Women’s Health magazine’s “Next Fitness Star” in 2015. After running a successful group fitness gym in Chicago, she followed her exercise entrepreneur dream...


In this (short-lived, we hope) series, the PHOENIX magazine editorial and art teams share what quarantine is like for them, from who they’re sheltering in place with to where they’re ordering takeout.   How have you been moving your body?   Craig Outhier – Editor-in-Chief Like other dispossessed gym rats, I’ve been making do at home with a routine of weird, furniture-based resistance exercises. I’ve also been riding my bike to work once a week, and hiking Piestewa Peak as responsibly as possible (mask, wide berths, etc.).     Leah LeMoine –...


I step onto the platform and grab the bar with a grip so strong my palms start to ache. But pulling up the weight, I look in the gym’s mirror and see no pain on my face, only motivation and determination.

When you hear the term powerlifting, you might think of a CrossFit gym with bulky bros and an absurd pull-up requirement. But in powerlifting, the movements are more controlled using heavier weight, whereas cross training is about practicing many different exercises. The main goal is to lift as much weight as possible. And maybe a little more.


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