Eater’s Triangle: Downtown Cocktail Crawl

Craig OuthierJanuary 31, 2024
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As a prelude – or post-lude – to some of the focused international dining you’ll be doing with this month’s Dine Around the World feature, organize a CityScape-area cocktail crawl.

The Rules
Assemble your group of 2-8 cocktails fans. Settle on a cocktail likely to be poured at each location. A Manhattan, maybe, or a Vieux Carré.
Visit each location in succession. Order said cocktail.
At the conclusion of the evening, collect votes for the overall favorite. Declare your winner.

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails
An incubator of culinary talent (Stephen Jones, Dushyant Singh), Hotel Palomar’s flagship eatery also boasts an elegant cocktail program. The talented hands behind the bar will improvise a drink to suit your tastes (say, an aged-rum-and-Chartreuse number) or set you up with something from the “classics” list. All while you enjoy elevated bar bites (mole flatbread, piloncillo-pepper orange shrimp) at the high-top lounge.
2 E. Jefferson St., 602-258-0231,

Little Rituals
Aaron DeFeo and Ross Simon’s next-level cocktail bar – counterintuitively embedded within the Courtyard by Marriott across Jefferson Street – can surely handle any cocktail your group may desire, and do it with flair. (They’re the guys who printed artwork on edible paper for one of their cocktail adornments.) Less well-known: a vast and varied food menu, including disco fries, Southwest cioppino and claypot wings.
132 S. Central Ave., 602-603-2050,

Wren & Wolf
For your final stop, hoof it a couple blocks to this show-stopping Modern American restaurant and its baroque cocktail menu, populated with colorful handles like Miso Sober and I’m a Mess, I’m the Best. (Don’t worry, they do “martinis,” too.) If you need a round 4, go next door to sister bar Trophy Room, a no-cell-phone/no-camera hideaway. And then rock the vote.
2 N. Central Ave., 602-562-3510,