Where to Eat: 3 Crave-Worthy Korean Eateries in the East Valley

Editorial StaffNovember 9, 2022
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Mesa is a hub for all kinds of Korean cuisine.

Drunken Tiger. Photo by Angelina Aragon
Drunken Tiger. Photo by Angelina Aragon

Ban Chan
This pleasant little restaurant features excellent dishes such as spicy pan-fried octopus and squid, Korean-style pork belly (sam-gyeopsal), and monkfish stew (agujjim).
2909 S. Dobson Rd., Mesa

The Stone Tofu House
Owners Don Kim and Cookie Sohn slip house-made tofu into bubbling soups and enormous, cooked-at-the-table hot pots, also frying fat rectangular cakes of it in sesame oil until they turn crisp. It’s heady but healthy, too.
1870 W. Main St., Mesa
480-361-0523, thestonetofuaz.com

Drunken Tiger
Chef-owner Justin Park specializes in modern street-style Korean bar food. Under the gaze of Korean aeni octopi and other high-energy wall animations, you can acquaint yourself with sweet, slurp-alicious concoctions like a platter of mushroom-tender baby octopus and shaved pork in a spicy, ketchup-like gravy.
1954 S. Dobson Rd., Mesa
480-755-7555, drunkentigeraz.com

This article first appeared in the 2023 City Guide, published by PHOENIX magazine in November 2022.