Collections Dept.: PHOENIX Political Covers Over the Years

Craig OuthierSeptember 6, 2022
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Past PHOENIX mag political covers lead off our new monthly section devoted to visually interesting things we find lying around the Valley.

We don’t often PUT POLITICIANS AND PUBLIC OFFICIALS on our covers at PHOENIX. In fact, we’ve done so only twice over the past 20 years – Sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2013, in a possibly crass attempt to drum up interest in our Notorious Phoenix cover story, and Senator John McCain, shortly after he passed in 2018. But in the previous century, the politico cover model in PHOENIX was a fairly common animal, as this gallery of past office-holders attests.
Phoenix Mayor
Milton H. Graham

Premier Issue
November 1966
For PM No. 1, we went with the mayor, seemingly crushed under collapsing steel.
Arizona Senator
Barry Goldwater

April 1968
Who knew that the father of modern conservatism was such a short-wave radio fan? PHOENIX readers, that’s who.
Phoenix Mayoral Candidate
Tim Barrow

November 1973
Can we pick ‘em or what? The World War II vet ended up winning the 1973 election, later working as a consultant. He passed in 2019.
Arizona Governor
Fife Symington

September 1994
The guv’s shockingly fair eyebrows performed amazingly in this pre-scandal cover.
Phoenix Police Chief
Harold Hurtt

November 1998
The city’s first African American chief, Hurtt later led the Houston Police Department.
Arizona Senator
John McCain

October 2018
Artist Eric Cox illustrated the legendary statesman for this commemorative cover.


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