2020 Top Dentist: Mahshid Mehdipour

Editorial StaffSeptember 10, 2020
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Photography by Steve Craft
Photography by Steve Craft


Dental School: Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, 2012
Years in Practice: 8

What are the different types of braces and how do you determine the right ones for each patient? 
There are various types of brackets that we use, which include regular brackets, self-ligating brackets and Invisalign, which has become a popular and preferred treatment. After reviewing my patients’ expectations and the type of malocclusion, anatomy and compliance, I proceed with the treatment plan that’s the most beneficial for them… while being mindful of their preferences.

Any specific heartwarming stories of when a patient got their braces off?
Oh, of course. I had a young patient once and noticed she was very self-conscious. Many kids experience this feeling, and braces are an opportunity for them to enhance their smile. When she finally saw her smile after treatment completion, she was in tears of joy. She had an immense spark of confidence, which made me realize this is why I chose to become an orthodontist, which is to help people achieve their beautiful smile.

Did you have braces growing up? How did that experience affect your practice?
I had braces in middle school and after completing residency. Having been a patient myself, I understand the position, challenges and expectations of patients. This has truly guided me in my practice to better connect
with them.

Who are the better orthodontics patients: children or adults?
Both offer unique perspectives, which allow me to continuously learn and apply that knowledge and skills to my patients. However, I do enjoy working with children because I can view the prominent and crucial growth occurring in this stage of their life.

Has raising three sons of your own affected how you interact with your pediatric patients?
Absolutely! Having children has given me a unique perspective to understand how to interact with young patients and also how to stay up-to-date with their ever-changing lingo and trends.

What are the most interesting developments right now in your field?
Most interesting to me are customized brackets specific to the morphology and anatomy of each tooth. Also, virtual exams and using CBCT to diagnose and treat patients.

Your bio says you love reading. What’s the last great book you read? 
Recently I read The Power of Now and When Breath Becomes Air, both of which are very powerful and meaningful books. I recommend them to every reader.

“If I wasn’t a dentist, I’d be a…”
Chef, because cooking is my passion and is a way for me to express my artistic and culinary interests.