6 Daily Specials Around the Valley

Craig OuthierFebruary 19, 2020
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Monday: “Family supper” at Worth Takeaway. Want to take your love of the Mesa sandwich legend to the next level? Pop in starting at 4 p.m. for Monday-only multi-item dinners, featuring savory sensations like crispy pork with guajillo chile. worthtakeaway.com

Tuesday: Buttermilk fried chicken at Windsor. Available after 4 p.m., this crispy American classic is also served on Mondays at the beloved Uptown gastropub. windsoraz.com

Wednesday: The green chile tuna melt at Chula Seafood. Hump day is the only day to score the boat-to-table eatery’s crispy, cheesy, spicy, succulent take on a traditional patty melt. chulaseafood.com

Thursday: Taco de la Semana at CRUjiente Tacos. Pop into the upscale Camelback taqueria for its weekly taco special – often vegetarian. crutacos.com

Friday: The lobster roll at The Collins Small Batch Kitchen. Served on Noble Bread pan loaf with Old Bay aioli. Yum. thecollinsaz.com

Saturday: Gravlax at Nelson’s Meat + Fish. The Phoenix butcher’s formidable lineup of weekly specials concludes with this cured salmon classic. meat.fish


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