Five Fabulous Fall Cocktails at Phoenix Bars

Niki D'AndreaSeptember 25, 2016
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That’s a Deucey (Valley Bar): bourbon, Sandeman Tawny Port, lemon juice, house-made cinnamon syrup and bitters. $8
Somehow, this slightly frothy, tricky mix manages to be simultaneously spicy, smoky and then (exclamation-point worthy) sweet! Like burning autumn leaves covered in honey.

Patches McStormy (Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour): Cruzan Black Strap Rum, ginger beer, Coca-Cola, fresh lime juice, a dash of Fernet Branca and Angostura bitters. $11
Bold and balanced, with a sprightly spicy streak, the aptly named Patches McStormy should be savored like a good late summer monsoon, and served tall and on the rocks. And it gives us another excuse to talk like pirates. Yarr.


Diablo Del Sol at Second Story Liquor BarHigh Five (The Gladly): Iwai Japanese Whisky, Mandarine Napoleon, house-made Riesling-cherry cordial, lapsang souchong bitters. $10
Iwai Japanese Whisky (distilled from corn and barley) is a little sweet, as is Mandarine Napoleon, a blend of cognac and mandarins. But the lapsang souchoung (Chinese black tea) bitters bring a perfect balance to this drink.

Diablo Del Sol (Second Story Liquor Bar): El Jimador Blanco tequila, fresh lime juice, house-made spiced agave, house-made raspberry syrup, ginger beer. $14
This drink is not what she seems. She starts all sweet and juicy and fruity, and then – blam! Ginger-snaps your tongue on the finish. So good. Do it again. (pictured, left)