Top Doctor Profiles

2019 Top Doctor: Sophia N. Williams

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Sophia N. Williams

Pulmonary Disease (Pediatric)
2019 Top Doctor: Kelly Luba

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Kelly Luba

Family Medicine
2019 Top Doctor: Mark Ruggiero

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Mark Ruggiero

Developmental Pediatrics
2019 Top Doctor: Elbert Y. Kuo

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Elbert Y. Kuo

Thoracic Disease
2019 Top Doctor: Maulik Shah

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Maulik Shah

Cardiovascular Disease
2019 Top Doctor: Shailee S. Kavathia

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Shailee S. Kavathia

2019 Top Doctors: Namita Sachdeva & Ashish Sachdeva

March 20192019 Top Doctors: Namita Sachdeva & Ashish Sachdeva

Geriatric Medicine and Internal Medicine, respectively
2019 Top Doctor: Adyr Moss

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Adyr Moss

Organ Transplant
2019 Top Doctor: Jeremy Payne

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Jeremy Payne

2019 Top Doctor: Joyce Lee-Iannotti

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Joyce Lee-Iannotti

Sleep Medicine
2019 Top Doctor: Jason Lake

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Jason Lake

Foot & Ankle Surgery
2019 Top Doctor: Gavin Slethaug

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Gavin Slethaug

Interventional Radiology
2019 Top Doctor: Anikar Chhabra

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Anikar Chhabra

Orthopedic Surgery
2019 Top Doctor: Daniel Jondle

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Daniel Jondle

2019 Top Doctor: Cheri Dersam

March 20192019 Top Doctor: Cheri Dersam

Integrative Medicine 
2018 Top Doctor: Cindy Bauer

April 20182018 Top Doctor: Cindy Bauer

Allergy/Immunology (Pediatric)
2018 Top Doctor: H. Kenith Fang

April 20182018 Top Doctor: H. Kenith Fang

Cardiovascular Surgery
2018 Top Doctor: Michael A. Buckmire

April 20182018 Top Doctor: Michael A. Buckmire

Colon & Rectal Surgery
2018 Top Doctor: Matthew Borst

April 20182018 Top Doctor: Matthew Borst

Gynecologic Oncology
2018 Top Doctor: Amy Gold

April 20182018 Top Doctor: Amy Gold

Naturopathic Medicine
2018 Top Doctor: Javier Bibb

April 20182018 Top Doctor: Javier Bibb

2018 Top Doctor: Aileen Villareal

April 20182018 Top Doctor: Aileen Villareal

2018 Top Doctor: Kurt E. Heiland

April 20182018 Top Doctor: Kurt E. Heiland

2018 Top Doctor: Lisa Stearns

April 20182018 Top Doctor: Lisa Stearns

Pain Management
2018 Top Doctor: Matt Barcellona

April 20182018 Top Doctor: Matt Barcellona

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Each year, you we do short feature profiles on a handful of doctors. How do we choose which ones to profile?
Essentially, we “throw a dart at the map.” Because every doctor on the list is considered among the best in the Valley, every doctor is worthy of being profiled. Obviously, it would be impossible to profile all of them, so we randomly select a handful each year. We also try to cover different specialties from year to year.

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