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Apparently there's nothing that doesn't pair well with yoga. This past year, Phoenix has welcomed yoga with goats, yoga with cats, yoga on paddleboards, and now... yoga with booze.

This "fitness" trend (and we say "fitness" with a massive grain of salt because surely, replenishing your body with booze after a sweat sesh is not really healthy, per se) is good news for all those who've ever thought, "You know what sounds good right now? A beer," while in flying locus.

Still, a leisurely morning or afternoon spent in feel-good asanas followed by a refreshing cocktail sounds downright lovely as the temps around the Valley finally begin cooling off. Below, a variety of places offering one-hour classes for a low fee and the opportunity to sip delicious craft cocktails, beers or mimosas afterwards. Grab your mats.


According to legend (from the soothsayers over at HuffPo), the Moscow Mule was invented in the 1940s as a way to get picky Americans to start drinking vodka and ginger beer. Before then, it seems stateside drinkers weren't fans of either vodka or ginger beer on their own. But a mash-up of the two had us singing a different tune. The Moscow Mule – just like the animal it's named for – is not simply the sum of its parts... something special happens when you mix vodka (or try gin!) and ginger beer with a healthy squeeze of lime in a copper mug. It's a magical hybrid.

We've scouted the best five mules in the Valley for your mash-up pleasure.

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