Arizona summer Archives

Dear Summer,

It's not you, it's us.

You were really, really hot, we'll admit, perhaps more so than any summer we can remember. And sure, you had your perks – we'll miss the lighter traffic on our morning commutes, and the weekend escapes to cool, breezy hikes up north were downright pleasant, and, of course, the heavily-discounted deals on local resort staycations made us feel like high rollers. But no amount of trips to AC-blasted grocery stores or $11 poolside piña coladas or reclining seat movie theaters could truly make us compatible (besides, your blockbusters this year stunk).

OK, fine. It is you. You're clingy and persistent; overbearing and stifling. We always had to do what you wanted. Did you ever consider that sometimes we didn't feel like hibernating inside just to maintain a normal body temperature? Netflix and chill took on a new, very un-sexy meaning with you.


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