2024 Top Chiropractors

Editorial StaffJanuary 10, 2024
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Edited by Leah LeMoine, Craig Outhier, Madison Rutherford & Nora Trulsson

Photography by Mirelle Inglefield

Let’s blow this joint! 

Get your musculoskeletal game in gear with our exclusive, inaugural list of the Valley’s finest practitioners of chiropractic care – selected by the chiropractors themselves.

How we picked our Top Chiropractors 

PHOENIX magazine generated its Top Chiropractors list via an online survey of practicing chiropractors in Greater Phoenix. Working with the Arizona Association of Chiropractic, PHOENIX launched an online voting portal in the fall and invited all practicing Valley chiropractors in good standing with the Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners to provide the names of three doctors whom they deem the best in their profession. At the conclusion of voting, we digitally tallied the votes. Once the top vote-getters were determined, our fact-checkers verified their information.

PHOENIX magazine does not give any preference to chiropractors who advertise. The list was determined solely on the votes we received, and our sales staff did not see the list until the chiropractors had been contacted and confirmed by our editorial fact-checkers. All providers on the list were cross-checked against the board’s online directory. Those with disciplinary actions within the last three years were removed from the list.  

Andrew Altman
Arizona Family Health & Rehab Center
159 W Wickenburg Way, Ste 8
Wickenburg, 480-788-2372

Trevor Berry
Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center
3800 W Ray Rd, Ste 12
Chandler, 480-756-2600

Gaylen Bartlett
Adio Chiropractic
7966 W Thunderbird Rd, Ste 102
Peoria, 623-256-6458

Daniel Baum
AZ Pain Doctors
7200 W Bell Rd, Ste F101
Glendale, 602-795-8700

Rebecca Carlson Bell
Active Family Chiropractic
129 S Smith Rd, Ste 101
Tempe, 602-712-9444

Wayne Bennett
Bennett Clinic
1202 Willow Creek Rd
Prescott, 928-771-9400

Douglas Bernard
Bernard Chiropractic Clinic
2160 N Alma School Rd, Ste 102
Chandler, 480-821-1034

James Bogash
Lifecare Chiropractic
1830 S Alma School Rd, Ste 135
Mesa, 480-839-2273

Kaitlin Bowen
AZ Pain Doctors
725 S Dobson Rd, Ste 100
Chandler, 602-795-8700

Rambod  Derakhshani
The Healing Joint
3226 N Miller Rd, Ste 5
Scottsdale, 480-573-9680

William Gallagher
6929 N Hayden Rd, Ste C4-183
Scottsdale, 480-664-6644

Justin Gehling
JG DC Chiropractic
3340 N 137th Ave
Litchfield Park, 623-535-5752

Richard Guarino
BackPro Chiropractic
3141 E Beardsley Rd, Ste 125
Phoenix, 602-992-4444

Renee Haberl
Mountain View Chiropractic
5001 N Granite Reef Rd, Ste 100
Scottsdale, 480-941-2454

Tiffany Harris
First Choice Chiropractic
21448 N 75th Ave, Ste 1
Glendale, 623-263-3952

Stephen Hofmeir
Advanced Spine and Pain
2525 W Greenway Rd, Ste 300
Phoenix, 480-573-0130

Charlene Hogle
Hogle Chiropractic
5110 E Southern Ave, Ste 110
Mesa, 480-545-7988

Frank Hogle
Hogle Chiropractic
5110 E Southern Ave, Ste 110
Mesa, 480-545-7988

David Iacuone
Desert Valley Chiropractic
720 E Thunderbird Rd, Ste 1
Phoenix, 602-439-1515

Katherine Iacuone
Desert Valley Chiropractic
720 E Thunderbird Rd, Ste 1
Phoenix, 602-439-1515

Nicholas Januszko
Camelback Medical Centers
9971 W Camelback Rd, Ste 105
Phoenix, 623-872-0002

Nicholas Jay
Fletcher Heights Chiropractic
20783 N 83rd Ave, Ste 110
Peoria, 623-209-2000

Albert Kim
Signature Chiropractic
8345 W Thunderbird Rd, Ste B103
Peoria, 623-334-4114

Jolene Kuty
Kuty Chiropractic
6634 E Aster Dr
Scottsdale, 480-945-7800

Danielle Lajeunesse
Garden Lakes Chiropractic
10720 W Indian School Rd, Ste 67
Phoenix, 623-877-0156

Scott LeBaron
LeBaron Chiropractic
55 S Stapley Dr
Mesa, 480-969-6166

Kevin LeBlanc
Rooted Chiropractic
555 W University Dr, Ste 6
Mesa, 602-552-2312

Derek Legg*
Surprise Chiropractic
14515 W Grand Ave, Ste C128
Surprise, 623-544-9111

William Luster
Clarity Chiropractic
2974 N Alma School Rd, Ste 1
Chandler, 602-252-7489

Kaitlin Bowen, D.C.

Chiropractic School: Palmer College of Chiropractic

Years in Practice: 10

What inspired you to pursue a chiropractic career?

During undergrad, I sustained an injury to my upper back. After many months of [physical therapy] I was feeling better, [but] after another equestrian-related injury, it all came back. After this, a friend suggested I go see her friend who was a chiropractor. Two visits and the pain was gone. I noticed how much he seemed to enjoy his job, so I shadowed him for some time and loved it. The rest is history!

Do you regularly see a chiropractor yourself? Or have you ever seen one to treat a specific issue or injury?

Yes… I see a chiropractor to maintain spinal health and mobility, as well as for a specific injury that was a result from training for a half marathon.

Does someone need to be injured to see a chiropractor, or can it be part of preventive/holistic health beyond targeted healing?

You don’t have to be injured to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic manipulation helps to maintain mobility in the spine as well as other joints in the body. Mobility is the key to reduced pain and flexibility in our later years.


What are the most common issues you see in patients? 

Low back and neck pain. Often, they stem from a sedentary lifestyle. Some of my more difficult cases are patients that have had spine surgery. These patients’ spinal mechanics are forever changed, so helping them in a way that is safe for their spine is challenging, but possible.

What are the most common misconceptions about chiropractors? 

That it’s very unsafe. While all medical procedures come with risks, chiropractic, when done after proper evaluation with correct technique, is very safe for most people. Many may be surprised to know that all ages can benefit from chiropractic care – from newborns to elderly.

Which part of Arizona did you grow up in? Any favorite local haunts?

I grew up in the Northwest Valley and now reside in Tempe. Most of my favorite haunts are on the back of a horse or hiking trails around the Valley, but one of my favorite local food haunts is Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. They share the love of the outdoors and great food.

As a competitive equestrian, what are the biggest risks and rewards of working with horses?

Riding and showing horses brings me pure joy. They’re very large animals with a mind of their own, but I don’t ever think about the risk involved, even though I should. Horses are my passion and stress relief. At the end of a long day, riding grounds me and prepares me mentally for the next day.

“If I wasn’t a chiropractor, I’d be…” 

A national park ranger. Our national parks are some of the most beautiful places in the world, and to spend every day in one would be amazing. This is my dream job in retirement!

Jason Nielson
Advanced Spine and Pain
2525 W Greenway Rd, Ste 300
Phoenix, 480-573-0130

Trever Penny
Penny Chiropractic
9130 W Thomas Rd, Ste A106
Phoenix, 623-463-1000

Jennifer Polk
Back To Motion Chiropractic
7332 E Camelback Rd, Ste A
Scottsdale, 480-941-1555

David Reed
Reed Chiropractic
250 W Baseline Rd, Ste 107
Tempe, 480-785-1355

Kevin Ross
The Power Company
2405 E Southern Ave, Ste 4
Tempe, 480-730-7950

David Rusick
Southwest ChiroMed
14175 W Indian School Rd, Ste A6
Goodyear, 623-932-5200

Roland Sinatra
Sinatra Chiropractic
1717 E Bell Rd, Ste 11
Phoenix, 602-992-2715

Russell Teames
Desert Brain and Spine
4222 E Thomas Rd, Ste 125
Phoenix, 480-674-9199

Louis Verloop
Surprise Chiropractic
14515 W Grand Ave, Ste C128
Surprise, 623-544-9111

Kurt von Rice
Von Rice Chiropractic
4045 E Bell Rd, Ste 117
Phoenix, 602-493-8700

David Warkentin
Verve Wellness Center
4838 E. Baseline Rd., Ste. 110
Mesa, 480-969-4040

Carla Warner
Warner Family Chiropractic
6630 W Cactus Rd, Ste B106
Glendale, 623-486-2000

Randall Widmaier
Widmaier Chiropractic
5080 N 40th St, Ste 104
Phoenix, 602-954-6200

Aaron Wiegand
Mountain View Headache and Spine Institute
4105 N 20th St, Ste 260
Phoenix, 602-767-0007

David Warkentin, D.C.

Chiropractic School: Life University, Atlanta

Years in Practice: 25

What inspired you to pursue a chiropractic career?

[It was] while growing up. Playing sports and personally sustaining injuries, I was disillusioned by the narrowed focus of Western medicine and wanted to pursue knowledge of a more holistic medical approach both for the better of myself and my future patients.

Do you regularly see a chiropractor yourself? Or have you ever seen one to treat a specific issue or injury?

I seek regular chiropractic care as well as intermittent intervention for various injuries.

Does someone need to be injured to see a chiropractor, or can it be part of preventive/holistic health beyond targeted healing?

It can be both… preventive and therapeutic. Sustained care and treatment is both effective to help the ailment as well as maintain overall health to prevent reoccurring complications.

What are the most common misconceptions you encounter about chiropractors? 

That we’re not doctors. Our education is extensive as well as intensive, [and] the duration of our general education is similar to various medical physicians. In some areas, it exceeds the medical education. Our practice and area of discipline is a proved science, [and] I work shoulder to shoulder with M.D.s and D.O.s in provision of care.


Your practice is called Verve Wellness Center. “Verve” is such an evocative word! How did you choose that name?

Verve was chosen because it exemplifies who I am: energy, excitement and zeal for life. I wanted to create a practice that reflects who I am.

You have extensive experience treating headaches. How can they be treated with chiropractic work?

There’s a lot of documented evidence that chiropractic care is an effective intervention for headaches. My first practice in France specialized in headaches, and cervicogenic causes are the most common cause of headaches.

You’re a certified rescue diver and licensed pilot. Have you always had a sense of adventure, or were there certain fears you had to overcome? Any extreme hobbies you have yet to try?

I’ve always had a sense of adventure. I have never had a sense of fear. The next adventure on the horizon is powered paragliding.

“If I wasn’t a chiropractor, I’d be…” 

Maybe a commercial pilot. I’ve always owned my own businesses, [so] I’ve really never thought of a career outside chiropractic or owning my own companies. What I do is innovate and create, and I will continue to do so.

Want to learn more about Chiropractors? 

Visit the Arizona Board of chiropractic examiners at chiroboard.az.gov.