Snooze Celebrates Anniversary with Foothills Animal Shelter Fundraising Event

Tiffany AcostaSeptember 8, 2022
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Snooze, an A.M. Eatery at Pima Crossing in Scottsdale is celebrating its second anniversary this month. The restaurant will donate 10 percent of its sales to the Foothills Animal Shelter, a local nonprofit no-kill animal rescue organization.

“We opened this location in the middle of COVID and have worked hard to bring this community peace, love and pancakes through all of the hard times,” says store manager Zac Woods.

August 26 was National Dog Day, and Snooze staff dressed up as dogs and cats for the day to share the passion they have for animals.

“Each location chooses something that they are passionate about,” Woods says. “Our Kierland location has partnered with them in the past to do a fundraiser where we served pancakes off-site to help raise money for the shelter.”

Representatives from Foothills Animal Shelter brought puppies to greet guests as they entered and handed out information on how to donate.

“A big goal for Snooze in Arizona is that we aim to provide more time and more funds back to our local communities,” Woods says. “To us, more restaurants means more positive impact in the community. Snooze gives back 1 percent of our sales to each and every community and this year that will be over $1.4 million dollars.”