Best Online Psychics: Top 5 Psychic Reading Sites Revealed

Editorial StaffMay 6, 2022
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According to IBIS World, the online psychic reading market size is $2 billion in the US alone. The same source also reveals that psychic predictions were one of the few businesses that had steady revenue due to the increasing number of people seeking help during and after the pandemic.

Whether it is finance, personal, or love life, the uncertainty has left people feeling helpless and looking for divine guidance. However, there are thousands of psychic mediums and platforms, so narrowing it down to one or two can be a challenge.

So here’s an in-depth guide on the top five online psychic platforms for you. We have also covered free vs. paid psychic reading and local vs. and online psychic reading, so don’t forget to check them.

A quick look at which psychic sites are covered today.

  1. MysticSense – Best platform overall  
  2. Purple Garden – Best for newbies 
  3. Kasamba – Wide range of psychics available 
  4. Keen Psychics – Best for unconventional types of readings
  5. AskNow – Best introductory offers 

Top 5 Online Psychic Sites Reviews

MysticSense – Best platform overall

MysticSense is undeniably one of the best psychic reading platforms available online. It is a Texas-based medium where some of the most popular psychics and spiritual gurus congregate to offer their services.

Features of MysticSense include:

Modes of communication

On MysticSense, you can communicate with psychics via chat, calls, and even video calls. It is one of the few spiritual platforms where online psychic readers offer video reading options, which is fantastic.

For chat psychic readings, transcripts are also available for ready reference. The transcripts are 100% confidential and are very handy when you want to look at them while on the move, such as traveling.

Types of readings

Psychics on MysticSense have a wide range of expertise. Love readings, career, tarot cards readings, energy healing, and angel card readings are some of the areas. You will find dedicated blog articles on angel card readings on MysticSense. Spiritual psychics on this platform also offer their expertise in finding lost objects, overcoming grief, and being experts in LGBTQ relationships.

If you’re interested, get a legit psychic reading from the pet psychics on MysticSense too. Psychics on this platform use various tools such as astrology, crystals, numerology, chakras, and crystal ball to get the most accurate psychic reading.

Free minutes

For every first consultation, psychics on MysticSense have 5-free minutes of consultation, which is one of the best features. To avail of the free minutes, you get an account on MysticSense and make a minimum deposit of $10.

After you pick a psychic and have your first reading, the 5 minutes will be refunded to your account.


Psychics on MysticSense have very reasonable pricing for readings per minute. Of course, the video readings per minute understandably costs higher than a call reading, and psychic chat readings have the lowest pricing per minute.


On MysticSense, you will find several helpful resources. It includes articles on how to find the right medium, different types of readings, and angel cards, among others. MysticSense is also available on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, and LinkedIn.


  • Multiple modes of communication
  • User-friendly interface and best filter options
  • Several types of readings are available
  • 5 free minutes
  • Several helpful resources are available


  • No free horoscope on the site
  • Video readings from some psychics can be quite expensive.

Kasamba – Wide range of psychics available

Kasamba has a reputation for real psychic readings from all over the world and has been serving clients for 20+ years. Based in New York, Kasamba has great reviews and a comprehensive list of psychics. The platform is also rated a 5-star for the most gifted psychics and has served more than 4 million clients from all over.

Mode of communication

Kasamba’s spiritual readings primarily happen through chat forms. However, you can also have a psychic reading through phone calls and live chats. Kasamba also has email readings if you prefer written communication, so you have plenty of options. Unfortunately, there is no video psychic medium reading on Kasamba at the moment.

One of the features that sets Kasamba apart from other psychic platforms is the dedicated mobile app. The Kasamba app is available on both Android and iOS, which makes it even more convenient.

Types of readings

Kasamba psychics are experts in varied fields, including astrology, tarot readings, numerology, mediums, and psychics. You can have reading for dream interpretation, career focus, love and relationship issues, and past lives.

Psychics on this platform offer pet communication services as well. Trusted psychics on Kasamba also offer personal astrology and fortune telling, so your choices are not limited on this site.

Free minutes

The free 3minutes feature on Kasamba works a bit differently from other platforms because the free minutes are applicable every time you consult a new psychic. However, the 3 free minutes are only applicable if you choose a chat psychic reading. With other modes of reading, you do not get the free minutes.


Pricing for spirit readings on this platform varies greatly depending on the mode of communication. Online psychics on Kasamba also offer up to 70% discounts for every new client on the platform, so you do get a good deal.


Kasamba’s site does not have a lot of resources, but there are some helpful topics, and the FAQ section also answers several common questions. This platform with famous psychics is also available on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so you can connect with the team.


  • Comprehensive list of psychics
  • Good reputation and great reviews from previous users
  • Different types of readings are available
  • Most psychics on the platform are available 24/7
  • Great discount options for first-timers


  • No video readings are available
  • 3 free minutes only apply to chat readings

Purple Garden – Best for video readings

If you’re looking for accurate psychics that offer video readings, Purple Garden is a great site to visit. This psychic platform also has been voted for the most accurate readings. Purple Garden is also one of the few live psychic chat sites that offer dual-language offers, so you can also use the site in Spanish.

Mode of communication

At Purple Garden, you can get accurate psychic readings online through chats, calls, and video readings. Unlike other sites where the video readings are available with only a handful of life coach psychics, every psychic on Purple Garden conducts video readings.

Types of readings

Purple Garden is home to authentic psychics that specialize in various fields. So you can expect oracle guidance, angel card and tarot readings, dream analysis, horoscope, and astrology psychic reading. Love readings and palm psychic reading are also an area of expertise from the psychics on this platform.

Finding a psychic specializing in a specific area on Purple Garden is very easy because the site has efficiently sorted it.

Free minutes

Purple Garden does not have free minutes offer per se. Instead, every new user on the platform gets a $10 worth of reading credit. The reading credit can equal up to 10 minutes of conversation with a psychic of your choice, which works almost like the free minutes on other platforms.


Psychic readings on Purple Garden are relatively affordable, especially the chat and live chat. The price per minute for video calls is understandably on the higher side, but most psychics have reasonable pricing.


Purple Garden does not have many resources on the site, but the FAQ section and articles in the Customer Support section can be invaluable. This live psychic site is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Purple Garden’s phone app for Android and iOS platforms is also a hit among users.

You can also find this affordable psychics’ site on Facebook and Instagram in case you need to connect with the platform.


  • All psychics have different modes of communication
  • The platform is well-rated for accurate readings
  • Easy to use site and interface
  • The Live and video reading feature is fantastic
  • Reasonable pricing


  • The free credit feature can be confusing to use
  • The mobile app is not very smooth

Keen Psychics – Best for unconventional types of readings

Keen Psychics is another great platform for communicating with legit psychics to help you make decisions in different areas of your life. With over two decades of service, some of the best online psychic reader from different fields is available on the platform.

Mode of communication

On Keen, real psychics offer their readings through live calls and chats. A handful of spiritual guides also offer email-reading services.

Types of readings

You have several options for readings on Keen, as the mediums are among the best in the industry. So there are psychic readings, love and relationships, astrology, tarot readings, psychic mediums, life questions, and spiritual readings.

If you’re looking for the best psychic reader in something more than tarot or horoscope, this is the platform for you. Keen spiritual advisors also offer services on angel readings, pet psychics, numerology, and other world connections. Keen also has experts on Feng Shui, Psiquicos, Vedic and Mayan astrology, and Chinese astrology.

Free minutes

Psychics on Keen offer the first 3 minutes free, which is pretty standard. The free 3 minutes, however, only apply to new customers.


Per-minute pricing on Keen is similar to other platforms on this list, so they are not overly expensive. However, chat psychics and mail consultations are more affordable than phone psychics are.

Keen also has 10 minutes for as little as two dollars to help you match with the right psychic, so you do get your money’s worth.


In terms of resources, Keen psychics take the trophy. This spirit medium has multiple articles on love, tarot, and several other topics. The dedicated Keen blog also has a lot of invaluable resources for you.

The free daily horoscope on Keen is also a feature worth mentioning and is available for all, whether you sign up on the platform or not. You will also appreciate that Keen has a mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms. If you want to connect with Keen on social, you will find them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


  • Great selection of psychics available
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android
  • 3 free minutes
  • Several helpful resources are available


  • No video readings are available
  • Some of the top psychics have a high price range

AskNow – Best introductory offers

Wrapping up our list of true psychics platform is AskNow. This psychic expert site has been helping people for almost two decades and is available in both English and Spanish. AskNow also has a free mobile app that you can download from the App store.

Mode of communication

Most of the best psychics on AskNow give readings through live calls, and very few offer both live chat and text readings. If a particular psychic is not available for call readings, you can also request a callback. AskNow does not have video or email readings currently.

Types of readings

On AskNow, you will find clairvoyant psychics, love psychics, and reputable psychics that are experts in careers, relationships, finance, and interpreting dreams. You can also get tarot readings, astrology, angel and chakra cards, empath and oracle guidance, and many more.

AskNow has a full profile on each psychic, so you can view the details and their areas of expertise along with their credentials.

Free minutes

Every psychic reader on AskNow offers 5 free minutes, which is a good offer. To avail of the free minutes from a phone psychic reading, you need to schedule a consultation, and after your reading, AskNow will refund the first 5 minutes into your account.


AskNow has different pricing options based on the mode of communication you choose with the psychic reading. However, most psychics have very reasonable pricing, so you don’t have to worry.

In addition, AskNow has attractive introductory offers, especially for new clients.


AskNow has multiple helpful resources on its site. It includes articles, videos, and daily free horoscopes, which are not only fun but very helpful. If you want to make a psychics near me search, you can do so from AskNow’s socials, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


  • 5 minutes of free consultation
  • Multiple introductory offers for new users
  • A wide variety of readings are available
  • Affordable per minute pricing
  • Several helpful resources and mobile apps are available


  • No video readings are available
  • Elite psychics can get a lot of pricey

How we chose these psychic sites

Given the numerous online and offline platforms for a cheap psychic reading, it can be daunting to choose the best one for spiritual guidance. In order to narrow down the top five online psychic sites, we followed some rules and criteria, which we are sharing in the next section.

Site’s reputation

Psychic readings are not child’s play since it involves people making life-changing decisions based on the readings of trusted psychics. In this regard, online psychic sites with several years of experience to their credit are usually very trustworthy.

The top five sites on this list have decades of being in service, which attests to their credibility. In addition, online psychic sites with a physical location also have a good reputation.

Psychic selection process

Trusted online psychic sites also have a tight screening process for psychics before they can practice on the platform. The psychic selection process differs slightly from one platform to the other. But generally, the screening process involves meeting all the platforms guidelines and passing the selection process. Some of the top psychic sites, such as Kasamba, even put the selected psychics through a training period.

Spiritual guides in the top online psychic platforms have decades of experience under their belt. In this regard, a psychic platform that shows the profile of the psychics practicing on their platform is also a great feature that fosters trust with the clients.

Free minutes

Another important criterion for choosing the top sites with good psychics is the free minutes. A free minute feature for a psychic reading is essential as it allows you to gauge whether you can connect with a particular spiritual guide or not.

In this regard, top platforms offer 3 and 5 minutes of free consultation time with a psychic so you can make the most informed decision.

Types of readings

The best psychic platforms have a complete list of areas in which the psychics have expertise. The typical reading list can include tarot readings, astrology, numerology, and psychic readings on love, career, and finances.

However, top psychic platforms cover areas including Psiquicos, Chinese, Mayan, and Vedic astrology, Feng Shui, and crystal ball readings. The wide range of spiritual readings gives options to all types of clients and is a hallmark of the best online psychic platform.

Resources and support

Top psychic sites have an inventory of very helpful support materials, especially for newcomers. This can include blog posts, articles, videos, and FAQs. Sites that offer free horoscopes are also an important feature to qualify them as a top psychic site.

In addition, psychic reading sites that have good customer support are also essential. Spiritual medium sites with a mobile app are also a bonus, although not a deal-breaker.  Finally, psychic sites with a social media presence are also an important qualifying feature since they show the brand’s concern for engagement with their customers.

What you should know about free psychic reading online

If you’ve wondered what local “psychics near me”, online psychics, paid and free psychics have in common and their differences, this section should help you out.

Online psychic reading has the advantages of:


You can get the reading irrespective of your location and time. The Covid pandemic brought everything to a grinding halt, including those in the psychic industry, especially those who practiced in brick-and-mortar establishments.

But the online psychic platform thrived, and in fact, the number of people looking for spiritual guidance increased significantly during this time. With the availability of online psychic mediums, you don’t have to leave your home or drive somewhere to get the reading.

Range of options

Online psychic platforms have several types of readings, so you can consult mediums of all types. On a single site, you can find experts in angel and tarot readings, astrology, numerology, horoscope, chakra, and spiritual cleansing. Some of the top psychic websites also have experts in the field of Vedic, Mayan, and Chinese astrology and clairvoyants who can interpret with uncanny accuracy.


Whether it is pricing options, modes of communication, or timing, online psychic sites offer a lot of flexibility. You get the option to get a spiritual reading via chat, live chat, phone calls, or even video, which is a great feature. In addition, you can schedule your psychic reading according to your time preference.


Top online psychic sites have industry-level security and privacy protection in place. So whether it is payment or your personal information, you are safe and protected.

Discounts and pricing options

On online psychic platforms, you get discounts, introductory offers, and free minutes, which are not available on offline platforms. The free minutes feature is something that you will not find with offline psychic readers. Top sites offer a $1 psychic reading, which is a great opportunity to get your money’s worth. In this regard, finding a credible site with up to 5 free minutes can make you make the best decision.

Disadvantages of online psychic sites

Despite their convenience and range of options, online psychic platforms are not without their drawbacks. The common ones are:

Lack of physical presence

Psychic mediums and practitioners take many factors into consideration to give you an accurate reading. And the body language and physical presence of a client is a very important determinant in deciphering the answers.

On a virtual platform, clients are not present physically, which can be the biggest challenge. Of course, psychic platforms have video reading options, but many clients do not choose this medium.

Quality and accuracy issues

Most of the top psychic sites enforce strict screening and quality control features to make sure that only trusted psychics practice on their platform. However, some psychic sites do not reveal credible information about the spiritual mediums, which can be an issue for some clients. In such cases, the expertise of the psychics and the accuracy of their readings can be a topic of debate.

Scammer sites

Another big issue with online psychic reading sites is the potential to run into scamming websites. There are some spiritual medium sites that have an impressive layout and genuine-looking designs that can easily confuse a user for a genuine one.

On such sites, the cheap psychics are not trustworthy, and so their readings won’t be accurate. In addition, getting a spiritual reading from shady platforms can also compromise your financial and personal information.

Paid or free psychic reading?

Strictly speaking, free psychic reading from the top sites is not available. So for every medium, spiritual consultation, you pay a certain amount of fee.

However, top credible psychic sites have free minutes, which can be 3 or 5 minutes. To avail career or love psychic reading for free, you need to sign up on the platform, deposit a minimum payment and get your reading.

Depending on the spiritual platform that you choose, you get refunded for the 3 or 5 free minutes. The refunded amount/credits are usually credited to your account on the particular psychic platform and not your credit card.

Another way you can get free psychics service is to scout the internet to find the best deals. Usually, psychics in training offer free psychic chat and even calls so they can hone their skills while helping you. This Free Psychic Readings and Spiritual Connections on Facebook is one such platform where you can get free readings.

This free tarot card reading platform is also a great way to ask a free psychic question without paying anything. When using such types of free apps, you don’t have to interact with any person, so you can pose any type of question that may be on your mind.

Lastly, some of the top psychics host free reading sessions through their YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, especially for their followers. So watch out for hashtags such as #freepsychicreadings, #freereadings, or #freepsychics on social media platforms to grab the opportunity.

Whether or not the free readings are accurate is debatable, but it is a great way to test out the wonderful world of psychics and what they can do.


For what reasons can I get a psychic reading?

Different people seek spiritual psychic guidance for different reasons.

For many people, closure for a difficult event and comfort in the face of adversity are primary reasons why they seek otherworldly help. On the other hand, some people want direction while making important decisions related to love, relationships, career, and finance.

Individuals consulting psychics for fun and entertainment purposes are also not uncommon. Ultimately, the reason why you choose a psychic reading is very personal, but they can be a great source of emotional/mental comfort and solace during a difficult time.

Are online psychic readings accurate, and can I trust them?

The accuracy of a psychic reading does not depend on whether you consult a spiritual guide online or offline; what matters is the expertise of the psychic and how well you connect with them.

That said, some of the top psychics in various categories offer their services on the top online platforms. In addition, most psychics offer readings on call and even video consultations, so you can expect accurate readings.

Is there any preparation required for online psychic reading?

Among the benefits of online psychic consultation is convenience, so you do not have to make serious preparations as such.

However, to benefit the most from the psychic reading consultation, here are some tips you can follow.

  • Make sure that the devices you are going to use for the reading have a secure and stable connection. You can check the Wi-Fi and modems and that the connections are working properly.
  • A calm environment where you can focus on the reading without a lot of noise or distractions is ideal.
  • Get a notebook or any other medium ready, so you can take notes during the consultation.
  • Schedule the spiritual reading at a time when you are emotionally and mentally calm.
  • Take a few minutes to calm yourself and engage in deep breathing to center your mind and body.

How does online psychic reading work?

Online psychics and the platform you choose will have different ways of operating and conducting reading methods.

But in general, the psychic platform requires you to sign up/register so you can have your own account. Depositing a minimal amount before the psychic reading is also a requirement. Next, you can choose the psychics from the list available on the platform and schedule an appointment. On some online psychic platforms, you can also take help from customer support to be matched with the right psychic.

When it comes to psychic reading, every spiritual guide has its own way of doing things. However, in general, psychics are empathetic individuals with a lot of compassion and consideration, so you don’t have to worry about the reading. Just have an open heart and be willing to receive what the spiritual guide offers so you can make the best decision.

How do I pick the right psychic medium for me?

Whether online or offline, choosing the right psychic can be a bit tricky. However, online psychic sites provide detailed profiles of the spiritual gurus in their sites. Here you can view the psychic’s fields of expertise, years of experience, qualifications, mode of communication, and price range.

Reviews about the psychics from previous clients can also be invaluable information. You can also use the free minutes to talk to psychics so you can gauge whether you bond with that psychic or not.


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