Six Questions for Chef Tim Richardson of Foch Café & Bistro

Marilyn HawkesMarch 7, 2022
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Since graduating from the Scottsdale Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2011, chef Tim Richardson has worked in many Valley kitchens, including the Arizona Biltmore and Las Sendas Golf Club. In November 2021, Richardson and business partner Fares Tarabichi (Crepe Club) opened Foch Café & Bistro in Tempe, named after the street Tarabichi’s grandparents lived on in Paris. The bistro specializes in American-European inspired dishes and inventive craft cocktails. Recently we talked to Richardson about his new venture.

How do you decide on the menu items?
I know what people typically look for in certain demographics from years of working in restaurants. I like to make dishes I personally enjoy eating, and then try to tweak it with a bit of extra pop. It has a little extra love in it.

What are some of your signature dishes?
Our sweet potato lasagna is our most popular dinner entrée. It’s also a gluten free and vegetarian option, but I don’t like to label it that way because it’s good on its own. I’m doing omelets a little differently than most restaurants. I make them thinner and wider and then I roll them. Instead of mixing everything in a sauté pan and folding it over, I do the eggs separately and then stuff and roll them. We have crepes on the menu as well because one of my business partner’s other concepts is crepes.

Who is your target audience?
We serve a lot of business professionals. We’re in close proximity to ASU and the engineering classes are right near us, but right now students aren’t our main drive. They may be in the future.

What sets your restaurant apart from others?
I’ve really tried to get the staff focused on the customer service. If somebody has special requests or dietary needs, I want to make sure we’re able to fulfill those needs when other restaurants might say no. I want to be the restaurant that says yes.

What is your favorite ingredient(s) to cook with and why?
Herbs. You can really impact the flavor of the dish by just using herbs and it doesn’t add anything unhealthy to a dish. Herbs keep dishes clean and flavorful.

What else would you like people to know?
Little touches make our food Instagram-worthy. Like our paninis. Instead of just being a sandwich on a plate, we wrap it in hand-stamped paper with a twine bow. I try to make every dish unique and interesting for the guests. All of our cocktails are a different bright color. We use edible flowers and edible glitter to add that extra pop so that guests want to take pictures of the drinks.


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