Drink This: Sure Shot from Postino WineCafe

Nikki BuchananSeptember 22, 2021
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Photo by Rob Ballard
Photo by Rob Ballard

Boozy brunches can be fun, but when your goal is to stay lucid, maybe even vertical, for the rest of the day, swilling high-octane cocktails at noon is a nonstarter. Enter the Sure Shot, a low-alcohol bevvie that references the Beastie Boys but looks tailor-made for girls who brunch. This effervescent tipple gets its brilliant color and lively brightness from Cocchi Rosa, an Italian aperitivo made with red wine from the Piedmont region and boosted with aromatics such as citrus peel and rose petal. Gentle, yes, but rounder and more complex than you’d imagine, offering up a hint of bitterness to echo the grapefruit juice in the glass. Topped off with sparkling rosé and soda water, the cocktail is fresh, fizzy, fruity and well-balanced, the perfect tipple for wine lovers – from a wine bar that caters to them.

To rock the Sure Shot, add 2 oz. Cocchi Rosa, 3 oz. sparkling rosé and ½ oz. grapefruit juice to a lowball or stemless wine glass. Fill the glass ¾ full with ice, add 1 oz. soda water and lightly stir. Peel a wide grapefruit twist, express the oils over the cocktail (peel side down), then rim the glass with the peel before placing it in the cocktail.


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