Cold Brew Recipe from Press Coffee

Marilyn HawkesJune 11, 2021
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Now that the dog days of summer are here (apology to all the dogs), it’s time to crack out the cool, refreshing drinks. Top of the list: Cold brew coffee. Andrew Robertson of Press Coffee has shared a recipe with us and a couple of tips on how to make the best cold brew.

When making this full-bodied coffee, it’s beneficial to use reverse osmosis water or distilled water with the addition of Third Wave Water, a mineral supplement that you can buy at Press, Robertson says. And there’s no need for elaborate equipment. “You can make it with a mason jar and your coffee maker as long as you have (another vessel) to drain it into.”

There are many advantages to drinking cold brew, including that it has 2½ times the amount of caffeine than drip coffee, less acidity and can last up to 90 days in the refrigerator if kept cold and in a clean container Robertson says. “And it’s just as good as it was on day one.”  Sounds like a winner.

Press Coffee Cold Brew
12 oz. Press coffee, ground coarse, slightly coarser than a French press
128 oz. water (preferably chilled R.O., third wave water or spring water
Note: Your ratio should hover around 1 part coffee to 10 parts of water.

You will also need:
A vessel large enough to hold your coffee and water while brewing
A filter bag to hold your grounds as you brew, or a filter setup to use during extraction. This can be any pour over that utilizes a filter, or even your drip coffee machine if you can pour straight through the filter into the carafe below.

Combine your coffee and water and agitate/stir for 20-30 seconds to ensure an even saturation. Look for and eliminate any clumps. Set your vessel in the refrigerator for 20-24 hours. When ready, either remove the bag of grounds or pour the cold brew through a filter to remove sediment. Store the finished product in a clean vessel in the refrigerator for up to 60 days.

If you find the finished cold brew under extracted (weak), try making your grind slightly finer and letting it brew for a longer period of time. If it is over extracted (too strong), try coarsening your grind and brewing for a shorter duration.

Serve over ice and enjoy.

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