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Editorial StaffMay 3, 2021
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From eye lifts to breast implant exchanges, cosmetic surgery is booming. We spotlight seven trending procedures from top Valley physicians.

While the COVID-19 pandemic caused many to delay routine health care visits, cosmetic surgeons say business is booming due to several factors.

“People who have always wanted to have something done finally have the time to do it,” says Dr. Jennifer Boll, a board-certified plastic surgeon with a practice in Tempe ( “Many people who are working from home are able to have surgery with minimal time off. People have also had vacations canceled, and with the stimulus they have had [more] disposable income.”

The safety protocols of surgery centers also did much to put patients’ concerns at ease. “Patient safety is always our main priority, and thankfully we were able to perform cosmetic surgery with the highest level of safety measures in place, in large part due to the surgery centers that were diligent in their efforts during such an unprecedented time,” wrote the board-certified plastic surgeons of Scottsdale’s Forma Plastic Surgery (, Dr. Vas N. Sabeeh, Dr. David C. Yao and Dr. Molly F. Walsh, in a joint statement.

“During the pandemic, many people transitioned into working from home, and a majority of their time being spent on Zoom-type meetings. Many of our patients noticed their face more and more,” the Forma physicians continue. “In addition, we have seen many patients focus on their health and address cosmetic concerns that they may have put off for a long time. Patients have found it more convenient to recover at home while working from home.”

Boll and the Forma physicians shared some trending procedures as well as some dark horses that may soon emerge as “It Girls” of the cosmetic industry.

Upper Lip Lift & Mini Facelift
“Two procedures to help [mitigate] signs of aging would be an upper lip lift and a mini facelift,” Boll says. “The upper lip lift can reverse the sign of aging of an elongated upper lip and be able to show more of the upper lip vermilion.” A less invasive “mini facelift” can be performed in the office under local anesthesia. “This helps pull up the cheeks and jowls,” she says.

Breast Implant Removal/Exchange
“Oftentimes cosmetic, revisional breast augmentation procedures are challenging, due to changes that happen with the body over time,” the Forma physicians say. “Because our practice also does breast reconstruction, we are up to date on all the latest techniques that can be used on the cosmetic procedures as well to enhance results.”

Gynecomastia Reduction
Males with increased breast tissue growth – colloquially known as “man boobs” – may opt for this procedure. “All of our cosmetic procedures are tailored towards our male patients, including gynecomastia reduction,” the Forma docs say.

Blame it on virtual meetings – people are obsessing over their drooping eyelids. This procedure lifts and tightens the skin in that area. “Since COVID, there have been more people wanting blepharoplasties and facelifts because they are looking at themselves on Zoom,” Boll says.


For an invasive procedure like a facelift, which has a fairly intense and physically striking recovery period, a quarantined convalescence is a godsend. Boll says she’s seen “a high volume of over-65 [patients] who want a facelift.”

Breast Augmentation

Silicone hasn’t gone the way of the dodo, but many patients and physicians are turning to gel implants instead. “In many of our breast cases, we are using Mentor’s precision-filled, smooth, round MemoryGel Xtra implants,” the Forma physicians report. “These implants have the same benefits as the MemoryGel, with the added projection, fullness and natural feel many of our patients desire.”


The traditional “tummy tuck” is holding steady, particularly as part of post-pregnancy “Mommy Makeovers,” which often incorporate liposuction and breast lifts/augmentation. “As a mother myself, I understand what women go through after childbirth and the desire to return to a pre-baby body,” Boll says.


Boll says this procedure, which reshapes the labia minora, or inner “lips” of the vulva, is trending. “It is a procedure that can be done in the office under local anesthesia and down time is minimal.”

Body Contouring

“Our practice offers a variety of cosmetic procedures, customized around each individual’s desires and goals,” the Forma physicians say. “We also see many body-contouring [procedures for] weight-loss patients.”

Non-Surgical Facial Procedures

“We saw an increase in our facial surgical procedures, as well as our non-invasive aesthetic services such as Botox/fillers and microneedling,” note the Forma physicians. Boll performs all injectables herself and has “a passion for facial sculpting.”

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