Brewery Spotlight: Four Silos Brewery Coffee & Beer House

Matthew JohnsonOctober 24, 2020
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In the latest installment of monthly brewery features, we met up with a native Phoenician who fell in love with the Gilbert community around his Four Silos location – and saw the community show him that love in return.

Location: Gilbert, near Higley and Elliot Roads

Founded: 2018

The Talent: Husband and wife owners Mike and Courtney Barclay. They teamed up with SunUp Brewing to create the Four Silos brand of beer.

Story Behind the Name: There are four very large grain silos on a farm about a block south of the shopping center where the brewery sits. The previous store owner in its spot was a coffee bar with the same Four Silos name, so when the Barclays took over, they kept the name intact.

Must-Try Beer: Sun Sipa IPA

Sun Sipa IPA from Four Silos Brewery.
Sun Sipa IPA from Four Silos Brewery.

There’s a story behind every item on the menu at Four Silos Brewery Coffee & Beer House in Gilbert. Owner Mike Barclay was born and raised in Phoenix and puts his stamp on everything from the Magic Breakfast Sandwich to his signature IPA.

“Our first beer was Sun Sipa and still today is our top seller,” Barclay says. “I designed that beer because I’m a native of Phoenix (in the Royal Palm neighborhood of 15th Avenue and Butler Drive) and whenever we drove home and had the windows cracked in the car, it always smelled like a mist of orange in your face. I wasn’t a huge IPA fan at first, but Sun Sipa was one I thought could make work for everyone because it’s a mist of orange with a hoppy ending.”

While Four Silos partners with Phoenix-based SunUp Brewing to brew all the beer it serves in its Gilbert store, Barclay gives himself the title of “Beer Designer.”

“Another fun beer I designed was Woodshed Wallop – an Altbier – which is a German/Austrian type of beer that you can’t usually find in the United States,” Barclay says. “When I played hockey overseas before and after college, I worked at a brewery in Carinthia, Austria and I tapped beers there, and we served a really good Dunkel (a dark German lager or Altbier). It’s surprisingly a favorite of many women because it’s really smooth and not as strong and heavy as most might think.”

Barclay’s hockey career also plays a roll behind the bar. All the tap handles at Four Silos are made out of old hockey pucks! But you won’t find this nanobrewery to be a typical rowdy sports bar. It’s built for family, friends and the community to connect.

Hockey pucks as tap handles at Four Silos.
Hockey pucks as tap handles at Four Silos.
Tap handle made from an old hockey puck at Four Silos.
Tap handle made from an old hockey puck at Four Silos.
Tap handles at Four Silos.
Tap handles at Four Silos.

“We have 16 taps and there’s something for everyone,” Barclay says. “We have root beer on tap for the kids and adults that want a non-alcoholic beverage. We have nitro cold brew that we do in-house. We have a great cold brew coffee that we steep for more than 20 hours. I would say we have at least 14 beers on tap all the time. We have so many different options, it’s whatever makes our guests happy.”

Four Silos’ connection with community is on display every weekend with live music in-house on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You might also run into a men’s bible study group during the week. Or you might encounter someone handing you a gift card to the store!

“Being attached to an incredible community helped us during COVID shutdowns,” Barclay recalls about the spring of 2020. “A group called The Purpose Movement walked up to our ordering window and asked for $1,500 in gift cards to give away and they gave every staff member a $50 cash tip. People could ride their bikes up to the walkup window and receive their online order. Quail Park Senior Care Center placed an order for 150 sandwiches, so we designed a sandwich after them. When we had to shut down the inside, we had so many people supporting us and I want to say thank you to everyone.”

Four Silos celebrated its two-year anniversary in early October and is looking to expand to new locations or franchises in the near future. In the meantime, there are more stories to tell through their menu items.

Here are some of our recommendations to try if you go:

Magic Breakfast Sandwich: It’s served all day and you can design your own. I built mine with avocado, egg, sausage, cheddar, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms for all the color! Starts at $3.84 plus add-ons.

Order Four Silos food, beer, coffee and merchandise online.

Magic Breakfast Sandwich at Four Silos. Photo by Matt Johnson
Magic Breakfast Sandwich at Four Silos. Photo by Matt Johnson

Cauliflower Crust Pizza: Order it with the tomatoes, fresh basil and balsamic. $12 plus add-on ingredients.

Cinnamon Rolls: Created by Rise Up Bakery in Gilbert, it’s so big it’s hard to finish. $4.44

Cauliflower crust pizza from Four Silos. Photo by Matt Johnson.
Cauliflower crust pizza from Four Silos. Photo by Matt Johnson.

Campfire Mocha: One of Four Silos’ signature “Silo Styles” on the drink menu, this coffee has toasted marshmallow and graham cracker in it. $4.44

The Dude: Essentially a white Russian version of coffee. $4.44

Arizona Agave Porter: New on tap this month and brewed with smoked Mesquite wood. $20 for a four-pack.

Four Silos Brewery  
Coffee & Beer House
143 South Higley Road, Gilbert
Patio seating and indoor seating available.
Kid Friendly. Dogs are OK, but have to be on a leash on the courtyard shared space outside of the patio.


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