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Marilyn HawkesFebruary 20, 2020
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When Myriah Castillo realized a paralegal career wasn’t bringing her much joy, she pivoted and opened a health-focused Mexican meal preparation service. The guacamole turned out to be a runaway customer favorite, so she dropped the meal prep and zeroed in on the popular avocado spread.

Today, Castillo makes six guacamole flavors ($7) under the Guacbox AZ banner: original; spicy; cilantro pineapple; mango Tajín; pomegranate cilantro; and habanero ghost pepper. Each flavor starts with buttery, rich avocados that Castillo pulverizes with a high-speed mixer to ideal consistency (smooth, but with a few lumps) and then adds spices and fruits accordingly. The guacamole’s taste can vary depending on the sweetness of the fruit and the heat of the peppers, she says. The avocados’ texture can also fluctuate depending on where they’re grown – she tries to source from California when in season because they’re the creamiest, but also gets avocados from Mexico and Peru.

Photo by Mary Grace Grabill
Photo by Mary Grace Grabill

Much to Castillo’s surprise, the habanero ghost pepper is Guacbox’s most popular flavor. “Our spicy flavor is already really spicy,” she says. “But there are a lot of people out there who love really, really spicy food.”

In addition to straight-up guacamole, Castillo also offers Guac Toast to eat on the fly. Follow Guacbox AZ on Facebook and Instagram to find it at farmers markets across the Valley.

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