White Claw Brewery Coming to Glendale: A Beginner’s Guide to the Bubbly Beverage

Cody FitzpatrickJanuary 20, 2020
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Brace yourself: The internet’s favorite alcoholic beverage is about to become local. 

“To keep up with demand for White Claw,” Mark Anthony Brewing, the maker of the spiked seltzer, is building a 916,000-square-foot brewing facility in Glendale off the Loop 303, planned for a speedy completion in “under seven months.”

It seems White Claw is about to become even more ubiquitous in the Valley, and if you’re interested in trying it for the first time, there are numerous flavors to pick from. 

Check here to see which of them might fit your personality: 

Fans of Grand Canyon Distillery’s Vodka Soda:
By all means, don’t give up your favorite local choice in favor of a meme-fueled giant. But if you face a situation in which White Claw is the only light, bubbly option available, a refreshing mango should be a just-fine replacement for Grand Canyon’s orange-blossom or prickly-pear varieties.   

The Life of the Party:
Black Cherry
You’re extroverted and often the loudest voice in the room, and you want a drink with a personality as strong as your own. As the saying goes, there, “ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws.” You understand there are laws, but that’s the spirit you embody. 

The Straight Shooter:
You take your coffee black, get your news from a physical paper and still have the default wallpaper on your phone. You like things plain and simple, and that should be celebrated! Celebrate with the “pure” spiked sparkling water flavor. 

The Low-Maintenance Good Time:
Natural Lime
You don’t make plans — the plans come to you. You’re not fussy; rather, you go along and ride the waves of what’s happening around you. The world needs easy-goers like you, and lime says, “I’m just here because I’m here.” 

The Accountant:
Ruby Grapefruit
A grapefruit is a great low-calorie breakfast or snack, and you take that energy to your after-hours life as well. Sure, there are flashier ways to enjoy yourself, but why be adventurous when you can live predictably? 

The Different One:
You zig when others zag, and you zag when others zig. You have little desire to fit in, and you like it that way! A bonus of being like this: When they’re all out of the other flavors, there’ll always be some raspberry left for you.