Celebrate National CBD Day with a CBD Massage

Leah LeMoineAugust 8, 2019
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Today is National CBD Day, which shows you just how far cannabidiol has come in the past few years. People now realize the cannabinoid is distinct from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the part of cannabis that makes you feel high, and everyone – from moms to dogs – is using it to soothe their anxiety, reduce inflammation, relieve pain and treat a host of other maladies. Our former associate editor, Christianna Silva, put a sharp lens on these claims in an investigative piece a few months ago.

I’m a bit of a skeptic and a bit of a square, so I hadn’t really ventured into any of the cannabis-related arts until this past weekend, when I tried a complimentary media CBD massage at The Spa at Gainey Village. The tony North Scottsdale spa, embedded in the Gainey Village health club, offers fun seasonal specials all year long. (You don’t have to be a club member to book spa treatments.) This summer, they’re offering the CBD Series, a quintet of CBD-infused treatments:

  • Head in the Clouds Massage – head, neck and shoulder massage with CBD oil
  • Steaming Canna Wrap Massage – CBD and arnica massage with steaming wrap for hands and feet
  • Rainbow Stone Massage – CBD and hot stone massage for hands and feet
  • Happy Camper Facial – hydrating CBD facial cream from Circadia
  • Steaming Vegan Nectar Wrap – Eminence wrap enhanced with CBD

“Dealer’s choice,” I told my therapist, Geo, when selecting my treatment. She let me smell the salves and oils for each treatment, and since I perked up at the piney, sage-like aroma of arnica, we went with the steaming Canna Wrap Massage. Geo told me she’s been using CBD oil on some of her regular clients for some time now, and that it’s finally mainstream enough for the spa to offer it as a special.

The massage itself was excellent – Geo has a kind vibe and magical hands that have soothed sore muscles at Gainey for about 15 years. I know you’re supposed to just shut up and enjoy spa treatments, but I can never stop myself from interrogating my therapists. They all have such fascinating lives! I learned that Geo was an international runway model before making a career shift to wellness two decades ago. We bonded over our scrappy little dogs and Pennsylvania roots (she’s a native; my grandpa hails from there).

As we wrapped up, she told me that sometimes the effects of the CBD take up to a couple of hours to manifest. I felt amazing for the rest of the day. Was it the CBD, or just the aftereffects of a glorious massage? Perhaps both. My nerves did feel a little calmer, my joints a little looser and more grounded. Whether it was psychosomatic or legit, I was definitely relaxed. Next time I’ll try the facial.